How Our 3D Furniture Rendering Services Created
Beautiful Kids’ Bunk Beds for an Online Furniture
Store in London

The Brief of the Project

A London based online furniture store contacted us to perform furniture 3d rendering for their Kids Beds and study tables. They have been searching for a professional service for quite a long time, and this search landed them here with us.

They researched and even contacted our existing clients to discover our services and successful deliveries. After reaching a level of satisfaction, they reached us with the project.

About the Client

The client was a well-known online kids' furniture selling store, and their brand is quite famous in London and other parts of the globe.

They approached us to do 3d furniture rendering for their kids' beds and tables and wanted us to showcase every part of the furniture with absolute details.

While they contacted our other clients, they learned about the kind of work process we follow and the level of professionalism in which we deal with our clients.

They were excited to see our 3d rendering results for their kids' furniture.

kids furniture 3d rendering

The Project Challenges

During the briefing process, the client informed us about the challenges they faced in the past while giving projects to various 3d design agencies that were not up to the mark in deliverables.

However, the project challenges included the lack of detailing in the features of their furniture designs. Due to this, they could not get the eyes of prospects, though their furniture was quite beautiful.

The designs were not created using the latest technology, and thus, it was lacking in the presentation. So, they wanted us to check for the latest style of 3d furniture modeling to start afresh in their kids' furniture section.

Our Solution

After a detailed discussion with the client, and an understanding of their pain points, we provided them with the best solutions like-

  • In the research part, we did market research to get an idea of the latest trends in kids' furniture rendering, and our expert designers implemented every trend to bring newness to the design we create.
  • For detailing, we showcased every element of the furniture with proper detailing and also showed it to the client to give them an idea of our progress in rendering. They also shared some good suggestions.
  • We always use the most updated software to eradicate quality-related issues and give the most satisfying results.

The Process We Follow for 3D Furniture Rendering

At MAPSystems, we work in the most professional way to deliver the highest quality output, and this is achieved by following a step-by-step process.

This way, we make the whole task seamless, eradicating the scope of error.

In our 3D furniture rendering process for kids’ we followed the client’s brief and considered the research work for the latest trends to deliver the exact result as expected from us.

We have a team of the most creative and talented 3D artists who work hard to deliver what is expected from them. They worked on making the furniture look amazing, and every detail in the furniture spoke for our work.

The process included the following steps-

  • Step 1: Formation of the team according to knowledge and expertise in the 3D rendering process.
  • Step 2: One part of the team dedicated to research extracted the latest trends and some reasons why they were lagging in designs.
  • Step 3: Once we had the research in hand, we started working on rendering.
  • Step 4: We worked on the rendering part, keeping in mind both the client’s and the customers’ perspectives to get the best output.
  • Step 5: Our 3D rendering artists worked on fixing all the issues described by the client and also highlighted every element of the furniture to make it look alluring.
  • Step 6: Our team also ensured the colour blends perfectly with the background and the design looks professional.
  • Step 7: The final touch-ups were done after multiple rounds of quality checks.

As soon as we received a nod from the client, we shared the final file with them as the last step of our process in a secured file transfer protocol.

The Results

The client received the work, and they were beyond happy and completely satisfied. They were so satisfied with the first copy of the output that it became the final one with zero corrections.

They later informed us that the pictures are doing good in engagement and conversion and have improved their business since then.

Words of Appreciation from Client

“We are so happy with the kind of professionalism they work with. Every brief we shared was followed, and their team shared the most beautiful 3d rendering work we have seen.
Good Work!” Quoted the client.

MAPSystems is a globally trusted 3d rendering company catering to clients of various geographical locations with successful project deliveries.

With a core knowledge in the field of 3d furniture modeling and rendering, we have reached the top levels.

Want to have an enriching working experience? Our creative team is waiting for you!

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