Image masking services offered to a US-based eCommerce client

Our client

Our client was based in Minneapolis, and his ecommerce business served as a favorite shopping destination for more than 2 million customers. They had the vision to build an ecommerce business that could provide great service to over 3 million customers while also maintaining a low carbon footprint. So, they decided to try out Photoshop masking services from the industry experts at MAPSystems.

The founders shared the belief that their best chance of success would be through long-term personal relationships with customers and improving their website’s product images by highlighting the key products using professional photo editing services.

When the company was launched in June 2017, it had one product—a handmade scarf with all purchase proceeds going towards serving the needs of homeless children. By December 2020, the company grew to over 3 million customers across its multiple product categories, including handcrafted jewelry and soft sweaters.

To maintain their footprint online, they appointed an in-house photography team to take care of product photo editing needs. The only problem with this approach was that the photos from the previous week’s product photo shoot seemed as though needed some fixing up. Image masking was considered to be a requirement. They never thought about using image masking services. Soon, the founder came to know about the feature and found our company through online references and contacted us to take care of the photo editing needs.

photoshop masking service

Requirements of the Project

The client wanted to avail our Photoshop services to enhance the images and mask various parts of the product. Masking is an excellent option if the clients want to maintain the quality of the photo. They had a large stack of product photographs that required masking solutions. The requirements included:

  • Providing image masking for over 2000 images
  • Performing background removal of 500 images and changing the cluttered background to an attractive setting.
  • Provide other photo retouching services such as clipping path to bring an appealing element to the picture.

Project Challenges

  • One of the most upfront challenges that we faced was the tight deadline of 2 months to complete working on all the images.
  • The images were sent in the JPEG format, and the client wanted them to be in the PSD and JPEG formats.
  • The client wanted us to create multiple layers and mask various elements through our image masking services.

What We Did

We allocated some Photoshop experts who can showcase their differing perspectives on image masking and background removal tasks. The experts whom we appointed were best known for their work as fashion photography editors and had experience using Adobe Photoshop to amplify models’ features during photo shoots.

They began by altering the images to better align with the fashion standards of what is considered beautiful or attractive from the product’s standpoint.

For example, our team gave the model who highlighted the sweater more facial coverage by highlighting her neckline or neck shape while reducing visibility around her face. This way, we performed effective photo editing so as to highlight the products more.

Since the deadline was only 2 days for the first batch of photos, the image editors had to work an extra 2 hours to complete photo editing on time.

We started with hair masking so there won't be any random strands in the models’ faces, which ultimately helped the users to focus more on the product. Then we moved on to background change to portray as if the models were sitting amidst a beautiful exterior setting.

  • We removed the background colors and made it look immaculate.
  • We also removed a background that had gradient transparencies.
  • Designers allowed dropping shadows of the images to work around the fine edges.
  • We isolated the relevant images without an embedded background
  • We gave special attention to the jewelry by fine-tuning the edges as it is a leading product sold by the client.
  • With image masking services, we finetune the raising and flying hair of models, which otherwise took the focus out of the product. We also focused on increasing the clarity of the photo with creative effects.


Finally, our photo editors completed all of their work within the desired time after addressing the feedback from the client. The client was very happy with the results delivered by our team of photo editors as we were able to complete the task within a short period due to high volume and weekly quota for submission. We successfully delivered 180 - 200 images per day, adding up to 2000 in total.

The client had a lot of praise for what we had accomplished on their behalf in such a short time frame. It was an honor to be able to show them the level of skill that our talented team had.

Outsource Image Masking Services to MAPSystems

MAPSystems is a leading company that offers photo editing services to the ecommerce industry and top retailers having a footprint online. In addition, we are experts at helping various businesses with finetuned images that they can use to promote sales conversions.

Bad image quality during the processing of an image masking service is a rookie mistake that you don’t have to encounter at MAPSystems.

The services at MAPSystems are diverse and creative, supporting every business project. With an approach based on a continuous improvement work philosophy, we serve the needs of many. In addition, we offer high-quality image masking services to impress customers with appealing images.

Our in-house team of photo editors will carry out the post-production of your product images effectively. With our professional image masking services, you can get your distorted photos corrected and help them stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a company to help you take your product images to the next level, contact us.

Client Remarks

In an email to our team, the client said,

“Not only did you do a fantastic job with this Photoshop image masking service, your ability to create custom solutions for us is really impressive! And I love that you are so quick too.”

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