Created an engaging 360-degree virtual tour for
an aerial filming firm

We were contacted by a client looking to hire the services of a company that could offer superior quality and timely virtual tour services. Since the images were captured from a myriad of angles and heights using drones, only a professional company with the right experience and knowledge of the process could pull off the project.

As such, we were contacted to see if we would be able to deliver the project of real estate virtual tour on time with matchless quality.

Who was the client?

The client was an Australian company that specialized in offering drone photography, video productions and 360-degree virtual tours to clients in Australia and New Zealand.

For the project, they needed the support of an experienced partner who can stitch the images and drone footage they captured and create a seamlessly edited 360-degree virtual tour for their clients to present at an upcoming trade expo.

360-Degree Virtual Tour

What were the requirements?

The client required us to;

  • Stitch the images together and create a perfect 360-degree virtual tour
  • They needed us to include a ‘hotspot’ so that the users could get to the ground line with a single click on the ‘hotspot’.

The challenges of the project

Since the requirement of the client was unique, the challenges were unique as well. We had to face the following challenges:

  • They only had 60-hours left before the deadline
  • The team had to flawlessly align each of the images to ensure that the result was perfect. This was however time-consuming.
  • The images included in the project were of high resolution, which made the process of editing all the more time-consuming.

How we were able to meet the challenges?

Since it was a challenging project, we understood that we had to act quickly and come up with a unique project deliverance strategy to complete the project on time. As such, We executed a strategy in the following way:

  • We offered a free trial to the client to understand their preferences, tastes, and quality expectations.
  • Once we understood the same, we quickly constituted a team that would work on the project completely.
  • We assigned the best systems equipped with the right technological infrastructure to the team so that they could indulge in executing the project without any hiccups.
  • A project manager was assigned to ensure timely progress of the project.
  • Since the time-frame was also very low, we stretched our working hours on incentive plan to the employees.
  • As per the feedback we received during our trial, we performed effective color-correction to make the stitched images look perfect.
  • In order to meet all the challenges of the project, latest software programs were used.

We were able to deliver the project on time to the client and they were extremely happy with the outcomes they received. They appreciated us for our professionalism, commitment, and ability to meet their deadline.

They also agreed to associate with us in the future and they recommended our real estate photo editing services to their associates as well.

If you too have any 360 degree virtual tour related requirements, reach us anytime.

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