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Real estate image editing case studies


Real estate image editing is an area on which we have significant focus. Among our expert image editors, we have sorted out a group that is assigned to real estate image manipulation works, specifically. This ensures that the work we do when it comes to real estate projects go far beyond the expectation levels of clients. We have assisted customers with every activity involved in image editing; let it be blue sky replacement, real estate photography blending, HDR photo editing, aerial photo editing etc. See some of the case studies of successful projects that we accomplished.

hdr image blending

Project: HDR image blending case study

Challenges confronted: One of the leading companies in US indulged in video production, 360 degree virtual touring and photography services contacted us. The company had clients from various industries; prominent ones among them were hotels, resorts, real estate businesses and builders etc.


drone photography editing

Project: Drone image editing case study

Challenges confronted: The client hailed from Europe and specialized in aerial and ground photography. His provisions also included virtual tours. MAP Systems was approached by the client for some aerial image stitching requirements. Besides they needed us to generate a complete 360 degree virtual tour.


drone photography editing

Project: Bulk Real Estate Photo Enhancement

Challenges confronted: We had to precisely and accurately edit and retouch the real estate photos which were a long-drawn process. The client wanted us to uniquely edit the images in a tailored manner.


360 degree photography editing

Project: 360-degree virtual tour for an aerial filming company

Challenges confronted: The client was an Australian company that specialized in offering drone photography, video productions and 360-degree virtual tours to clients in Australia and New Zealand. For the project, they needed the support of an experienced partner who can stitch the images and drone footage they captured and create a seamlessly edited 360-degree virtual tour for their clients to present at an upcoming trade expo.


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