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Drone image editing for Europe based client




The client hailed from Europe and specialized in aerial and ground photography. His provisions also included virtual tours.


MAP Systems was approached by the client for some aerial image stitching requirements. Besides they needed us to generate a complete 360 degree virtual tour. In additional to these, the client demanded us to add hot spots so as enable a viewer to click on some areas and get a view from ground level to have a better perception.

The client selected us to do the job as we were referred by one of our previous clients for whom we did a similar job, fantastically.


This image editing case study is something of which we can really be proud. The level of knowledge demanded by these types of works is quite high and you can’t simply allocate any one among the workforce to carry out the tasks. Only a few companies are there that can handle the complexities involved as stitching pictures together from mobile sources such as a drone is never easy. Even minutest of alignment issues would adversely affect the actual purpose of aerial photography drone.


Though the client approached us owing to a reference, we still availed them an absolutely free trial so as to keep them more comfortable. They were happy with the sample and post approval, we assigned 7 among the most experienced and talented image editors with us. By making use of software programs like Autopano Giga and PTGui, they carried out the needed stitching as per the specific client guidelines. Quality concerns were completely eliminated by making our QC team to carry out multiple rounds of quality checks to ensure that the stitching was seamless. Post that, the photos were uploaded on a web browsing supported video player for creating the needed virtual tour.

The Results

Our services were competent and cost effective. Client was able to considerably reduce their cost in-house. High quality images were obtained at most reasonable rates. The accuracy level was almost 99% percentage in regard of the stitching done. All pending works of the client were cleared and the level of satisfaction enjoyed prompted them to start a new business relationship which is going smooth and constructive till date.

We assured that the customer enjoyed complete peace of mind and security throughout. For the same, each and every designer was provided with a separate username and password. Proper legal documents were signed to reassure the same. If you are interested to know about drone image editing or any other image editing related needs you can send your requirements to us.

If you too have any drone image processing related requirements, reach us anytime.

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