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Australian realtor

Client Information

Based in Australia, the client is a renowned name in real estate promotional and marketing domains. Top real estate firms, builders, housing project developers, agents, property managers, campaign managers, sales professionals, realtors, and individual home sellers rely on the marketing expertise of the client to secure more targeted leads within the shorter span. Through digital interventions, client curbs the marketing costs for its customers and improves efficiency. The client enhances the aesthetic appeal of property images, designs 360 degrees virtual walkthroughs, captivating media-rich presentations, attractive panoramas etc.

Real Estate Imaging

Requirements of the Client

In order to fulfill the promotional needs of its customers, the client wanted us to enhance and retouch the raw images of the properties to make them look more professional, clear, aesthetically appealing, and attractive. The images were captured amateurishly through cameras and had multiple exposures and significant dynamic range resulting in haziness occasionally. The client wanted us to leverage our real estate image enhancement expertise to edit and retouch a variety of images pertaining to real estate. Color, lighting exposure, perspective, background, foreground and other vital aspects of the images had to be adjusted and improved for property images, the interiors, landscapes, exteriors, and other shots.

Challenges Experienced

We had to precisely and accurately edit and retouch the real estate photos which were a long-drawn process. The client wanted us to uniquely edit the images in a tailored manner. Every day, about 2000-2500 images had to be edited, retouched and finished for improvement in quality. In order to ensure that turnaround time is low, we had to match the Australian time zone. This required us to keep our team of image editors and retouching experts available round the clock. Images had to be stitched panoramically for the creation of virtual walkthroughs. Delays and flaws were absolutely not admissible as our reputation mattered to us the most.

The real estate images provided had non-uniform lighting exposure and unwanted glare or shadows. Most images were captured in inclement weather. Interiors were not properly lit which resulted in faded appearances. Sunlight streaming through chinks and windows unnecessarily highlighted areas which could prove to be dampeners. The mid-tones, dark areas, and highlights had to be efficiently adjusted. To enhance the appeal of interiors and exteriors, external interventions like fireplace or sculptures were needed. Further, dirty items in the scene had to be removed. The perspectives of some images were distorted because of shaky hands of photographer or wrong capturing angle which has to be fixed through our image perspective correction services .

Our Solution

MAPSystems is self-sufficient in terms of digital resources, cutting-edge tools, and proficient artists with significant experience. This allowed us to carry out real estate image editing at a fast pace and ensure fulfillment of the tight schedules without failing. An expert team of 15 image editors and retouching artists was set up under the supervision of a dedicated Project Manager. Each member was subjected to a refreshment course in Photoshop. A secured FTP line was set up for exchanging raw images and processed photographs with clients. The artists were grouped in teams of five which would work round the clock in 3 shifts to ensure syncing with client’s time zone and uninterrupted service. The Project Manager’s working time corresponded with the office hours of clients and he was entrusted with the accountability of communicating with clients and keeping them updated or taking feedbacks. State of the art HDR photo editing software latest version was used. Each image was post-processed under the keen eyes of an expert.

Confidentiality of the client’s information was maintained through a safe VPN exchange line, authenticated access to files, password protection, spam filters, and antivirus software. The improper lighting exposure was individually corrected. Effects of shadows were toned down. Perspective distortions were set right. Images were edited, blended, and stitched for creating panoramas. Cloudy skies were replaced with blue skies.


The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of work we delivered and our commitment to stick to schedules. All images were of impeccable quality. The client assured about spreading the word about our professionalism and efficiency to all its acquaintances.

You can reach us with your real estate photography editing requirements and enjoy our superlative services.

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