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We edit images of diverse types of furniture, ensuring that they look professional and flawless on online platforms.

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Did you know that the online stores having exceptional images of the furniture items on their websites outcompete the stores that do not have it? It is a fact which the smarter businesses started off realizing late and have begun investing in furniture photo editing services. It is something that you can’t avoid if you want a significant income from your online furniture store regularly.

At MAP Systems, we offer a wide range of impeccable furniture photography editing and retouching services. By using our services, you can create finer images of your furniture to garner the attention of your target audience. It will most likely make them feel motivated to buy from your online store. To ensure this, we have mastered implementing proven techniques to create visually-appealing versions of your original photos.

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Our furniture image enhancement & retouching techniques

We would help you with a wide variety of furniture product image editing services well as enhancement services, such as;

  • Adding/replacing furniture white background
  • Adding and maintaining contrast levels
  • Adding pencil sketches
  • Adjusting the brightness and light elements
  • Environment fine-tuning
  • Instilling a three dimensional feel and look in the image
  • Giving vintage or classic finishing
  • Removing scratches, spots, or blemishes
  • Providing vibrant touch-ups
  • Offering HD resolutions
  • Incorporating special photo effects
  • Removing, adjusting, or lightening shadows
  • Removing reflections
  • Photo resizing, scaling, and cropping
  • Image straightening
  • Color correcting and enhancing
  • Eliminating unwanted objects

How we work?

We can manipulate and enhance any of the furniture photographs that you are trying to sell on your website. You just have to send us the pictures of your e-commerce products so that we can make them more exciting, stunning, and alluring. We usually focus on improving the image quality and give it an exceptional feel as it can go a long way to result in increased sales. Once it is done, we have it reviewed by an experienced project manager who decides whether it is ready for delivery or not.

You can also give us the image of an empty room, and we can creatively fill the same with your items to create the feel of a real, furnished room through our furniture image enhancement and retouching. We can respond well to all your requirements irrespective of the items that you want us to display in the room virtually.

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Why hire us to outsource furniture picture editing services?

There are, in fact, countless reasons why you can choose us to outsource your furniture photo editing requirements. We address the diverse requirements of our clients from all over the world, ensuring a holistic utilization of our image editing prowess to deliver outstanding outcomes. Our image retouching staff can improve different furniture types such as benches, couches, beds, racks, tables, chairs, shelves, chandeliers, bookcases, table stands, and other items that can be virtually placed in the room.

Below are some grounds on which you can decide whether to go for our services or not

  • We offer bespoke assistance concerning professional photo retouching for furniture products at cost-competitive rates.

  • We ensure to create visually appealing images that have a strong potential to drive organic traffic to your website and boost sales at quick turnaround time.

  • Our furniture photo retouching services offer a highly secured network for the downloading and uploading of client files to keep it safe.

  • We can accept the raw images from the clients in various file formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PGF, PSD, PNG, and more.

  • We are available 24/7, i.e., round-the-clock so that customers can reach us any time they want regardless of the time constraints.

MAP Systems has emerged as one of the most trusted and preferred service providers when it comes to delivering professional furniture photo editing services. It is done through the deployment of advanced image editing technologies along with the help of exceptionally-trained and experienced professionals. Adeptly equipped to utilize various technological advancements and image editing techniques, we can make your images look perfect by enhancing them to the required level, just like the way you want.

Our experience and insight will definitely help you to generate maximum revenue for your investments. If you want quality and impeccable service delivery, then reach us now to make the most out of our professional image editing services.

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Get in touch with us anytime to get editing furniture image samples, which would help you to evaluate our work quality before you decide to partner with us.

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