Short Film Editing Servicess

Are you an independent short filmmaker or a professional short film director wishing for more views for your short films and videos? Get them professionally edited by the experts. Our highly trained and skilled video editors have years of experience in offering short film video editing services.

Using their creative prowess and leveraging the latest tools, they can craft memorable short films for your audience. Stream your indie films on OTT platforms or get a theatrical release; our team can breathe life into your creative ideas!

Our short film video editing service includes?

Whether you want to raise awareness on a social issue, increase subscribers, or achieve an award for your short documentary movie, editing plays a major role. A 15-20 minutes video must hook the audience right at the beginning. This “hooking” impact won’t be created without a professional “edit”. Check out the advanced video editing services and techniques we offer our customers to help get their message across.

Color grading & color correction

Our skilled editors perform flawless color corrections on each shot, making them more vibrant and natural. Our aesthetic color grading sets the tone of your content right from the start, appealing psychologically to the audience.

Audio track editing & enhancement

We extract the audio track and filter it from all extra background/environment sounds. Our technical sound editors enhance the sound volume, keeping it within the international industry standard, between -14 to -16 LUFS.

Dialogue mixing, dubbing & syncing

Dialogues shot during the filming or pre-recorded dialogues are dubbed, mixed, and synced perfectly with the shots. Our video post-production team matches the exact timeframes and synchronizes the dubbed dialogues.

Foley sound addition

Our prolific team of short film video editors adds perfect foley sounds that accentuate the scenes. For example, sounds of rain, wind, door opening and closing, footsteps, animal and bird calls, moving vehicles, and many more.

Copyright-free background score addition

To make your short film engrossing and meaningful, our video retouches and editors can add relevant background music for each scene that is copyright free. We manually select the best-suited score for each scene.

Stabilizing footage

Our video editors are experts in stabilizing jerky camera movements, shots taken from moving cars, camera dollies, etc. We use the best-in-class video stabilizer software and make every short film a creative masterpiece!

Licensed stock footage & B-roll shots addition

We add licensed stock footage and B-roll shots within the film in the most natural way. Each scene appears in smooth cohesion and doesn't look like it wasn't a part of the original shooting or has been added afterwards.

Closed caption, subtitles & on-screen text pop-ups

Whatever you want to add to your short movie to make it more understandable, our editors can do that. We add closed captions, subtitles, on-screen pop-up texts, call-out bubbles, and many more.

Multi-camera editing

Fret not if you have shot the film with multiple cameras. Our adept video editors can edit multicam shots by stitching them together. The audience doesn't get the feeling the shots were taken with different cameras.

Raw footage curation

Whatever footage you have with you, share it with our editing team. We shall cull and curate the best footage to be used and edit it accordingly. No matter how many raw clips you have, we've got you covered!

Video trailer creation

Need a captivating trailer for your upcoming movie? Our expert video editors can create trailers that are perfect crowd-pullers. Keep your audience hyped about your film with our video trailer creation service.

Storyboard Illustrations

Need captivating illustrations for your storyboard? Our storyboard illustration experts can create unique concepts and graphic illustrations. These can help your production team envision and visualize story ideas.

Short video creation

Our proficient video production team can develop engaging short marketing videos for social media promotions. Whether you need YouTube Shorts, a TikTok, or an Insta Reel, our team is just an email away!

Promo video creation

Promote your short movies on OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, Hulu, and more. Let our skilfull video editors create non-skippable mid-roll video ads that get users’ attention.

Brand/product teaser creation

Drop a curiosity-building 4-5 seconds teaser of your brand or upcoming product to tease your audience’s imagination. Our experienced video editors can create a smashing teaser to promote your content and create a buzz online.

De-noising raw footage

Send us any of your grainy and blurry raw footage and see how we de-noise it in a jiffy. Using the latest tools, our video editing experts can flawlessly remove all the grains from the raw clips, giving them a makeover.

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Why outsource short film video editing services to us?

At MAPSystems, we prioritize excellence over any other quality. Thus, our video editing team is made up of the best gems whose talent shines bright. They are fluent in wielding modern technologies and tools, thorough with the latest editing trends and techniques, and committed to their job.

We edit each video with care, removing unwanted portions, arranging the shots in a linear manner, enhancing them with special effects and transitions, and optimizing them for YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other similar online streaming channels. Contact our team today and get more viewers for your short films!

Adherence to ISO standard

Our team of video retouches follows an international workflow. All of their editing methods abide by ISO standards.

Safe and secure file transfer

Whatever files we transfer, we ensure stringent data privacy measures. All the files are transferred or shared via a safe and secure hosting protocol.

Professional consultation

Besides stellar editing services, we also offer professional consultation and guidance to our customers in promoting their digital assets correctly.

Scalable team

Our team is highly scalable, i.e., based on the client’s requirements, we can increase or reduce the workforce without any hassle.

Cost-effective rates

Our short film and video editing services are highly cost-effective and budget-friendly, making them accessible to people with all kinds of budgets.

Swift TAT

Our video editing team delivers each project with a very fast turnaround, regardless of the volume or scope. However, the quality is never compromised.

Turn your plain, ordinary-looking, and amateurish short films into enthralling cinematic movies. Talk to our short video editing team today!

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What do our customers say

MAPSystems has become our go-to option for any post-production related work on our short films and documentaries. Their turnaround time, attention to detail, and quality are simply top-notch!


Documentary film production house

I was a complete amateur when I first shot my wildlife documentary. I could feel there were several improvements required, but I was bad at editing. Thankfully, I found MAPSystems on Google and got my video edited by them. They wonderfully transformed my crude video into a full-fledged movie!

Wildlife documentary maker