Sports video editing services

Want to showcase effective sports videos with perfectly timed highlights? Here at MAPSystems, we use cutting-edge video editing tools and techniques to create sports videos of the highest caliber that trainers, athletes, sports clubs, professional athletes, media outlets, professional photographers, videographers, etc. can successfully use to cover sports events. Our spots editing services can also be used by schools, colleges, universities, other academic institutions, sports coaching centers, etc. where sports play a major role.

A team of seasoned video editors who are not only extremely knowledgeable in cutting-edge video post-processing techniques but also have a knack for sports supports us. Hence, they understand the psyche of the audience and which aspects appeal to them the most. With advanced tools and software, combined with their intellect, they meticulously edit the raw footage and clips of sports events, transforming them into highly engaging video content.

Our high-end sports video editing services include

With in-depth expertise, 25+ years of experience, and precise knowledge about the leading sports domains, MAPSystems can transform any ordinary sports video into a highly captivating event. Whether pre-recorded, live telecast, promotional, or training footage, we are the ultimate hub of high-definition sports videos.

Our professional experts can edit

Sports onboarding and recruitment videos

Sports onboarding and recruitment videos

Need custom-made onboarding and recruitment videos? We can create in-depth induction and recruitment videos to facilitate smooth onboarding. Just share the guidelines you want to showcase to the new recruits, and we can edit them in an engaging video format.

Video highlights and action replays

Video highlights and action replays

Want the key highlights and action replays to capture the exact moment? We edit the footage to emphasize the highlights that keep the audience glued to it. Our professionally trained editing experts can showcase an amazing home run or a goal in the most captivating manner.

Sports training session

Sports training

Let’s make the training sessions enjoyable for your audience. Share your training modules and curriculum with us. Let us stitch everything digitally in a linear fashion with upbeat background music, special transitions, and VFX, and develop an engaging training session video.

sports reels for YouTube and Instagram

Sports reels for YouTube and Instagram

Your sports reels are not creating enough buzz. Not enough likes and shares are generated. Leave it up to us. We will edit your sports reels in a way that plays with the viewers’ minds and inspires them to like and share the reels on their feeds and stories.

Sports media and event coverage

Sports media and event coverage

Want to enhance the coverage of a sports event? Share the clips with us and relax. Our professionals will beautify the shots, creating a linear connection between each frame. Give your viewers the best experience in the sports auditorium.

Live match

Live match

Let your audience feel the heat! Embellish live game telecasts with our high-end editing procedures and make your channel a crowd-puller. Our highly skilled and trained experts can edit live broadcasts with equal prowess, integrating all the elements within the live stream.

Sports promotions and teasers

Sports promotions and teasers

Are you organizing a sports event and want to create buzz about it online? Let our prolific team help you with that. With cutting-edge technologies, smooth transitions, and special effects, we can create the best promo videos and 4-5 second teasers to tease your audience’s imagination.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos

Do you want a full-length promotional video featuring all the key highlights and focus points for your sports event? Let us help you. Our sports video editing team can deliver the best promotional video that will inspire your target audience to be a part of the event, thus boosting your ROI.

Underwater sports footage

Underwater sports footage

Do you want a full-length promotional video featuring all the key highlights and focus points for your sports event? Let us help you. Our sports video editing team can deliver the best promotional video that will inspire your target audience to be a part of the event, thus boosting your ROI.

Our advanced sports video editing techniques

Text incorporation

Our ace editors have substantial knowledge of sports events and can tactically include texts, such as captions or titles, to make the videos more understandable.

Rotation and flipping of clips

Irrespective of the file format of the raw footage—MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV, MOV, MTS, or 3GP — we can perfectly flip and rotate the scenes clockwise or anticlockwise in 90 or 180 degrees.

Adding subtitles

Our talented video editing professionals leverage cutting-edge software and tools to edit, convert, or create subtitles and add them to the video.

Adding apt background score

Whether you have footage of sports training, a game event, an outdoor match, or an indoor one, we can integrate appropriate background scores in MP3, WMA, OGG, and FLAC formats that align with the feel of the video.

Adjusting volumes of the BG music

A loud background score often suppresses dialogs, making them nearly inaudible. Our professional editors take care of these and regulate the volume as required.

High-end color correction

Identifying flaws in color shade, tint, and tone, our skilled team rectifies these elements, fixes brightness and contrast, and checks the white balance, along with other technical adjustments.

Embedding smooth transition shots

Transitions between scenes allow the viewers to experience different narrative time frames in short succession. Our expert editors add seamless, continuous transitions that uplift the mood of the sports video.

Audio and video track separation

With meticulous editing, our adroit video editors split audio and video tracks into two separate files. This reduces the need for re-recording in the case of bad audio.

Stabilization of videos to improve quality

Worried about jerky camera movements and other jitters diminishing your video quality? Fret not. With the latest video stabilization tools, we can fix all the shakes, blurry images, and camera movements.

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Why outsource sports video editing services to us?

With over a decade of experience and extensive domain knowledge, MAPSystems has now become a trusted sports video editing company. Skilled experts, who are also avid sports enthusiasts, are our backbone in offering such custom video editing services worldwide. Our significant clientele includes sports clubs (both national and state), sports teams, sports event management groups, sports media houses, magazines covering sports stories, and so on.

Cutting-edge technologies and tools

Our expert video editors leverage the latest technologies and software, like Premier Pro, to make stunning edits to the video clips of your sports events.

Cost-effective pricing

We keep our rates and pricing nominal and budget-friendly, which suits businesses of all types and sizes. We have flexible pricing models you may choose from based on your requirements.

Round-the-clock support

We understand that technical issues and project-related complications can arise at any time, regardless of the time of day. Hence, we offer 24*7 tech and customer support for those in need.

High data security

At MAPSystems, we take stringent measures to ensure maximum client data security. All the file transfers and data sharing happen through a safe FTP server guranteeing 100% data protection.

Super-quick turnaround time

After the requirement analysis, our editing team brainstorms and conceptualizes the initial cut, and within a quick time span, the file is shared with you for your review.


MAPSystems is an ISO-certified creative and tech organization. Therefore, we follow international quality standards in our sports video editing project workflow.

Let us work for you once; we guarantee you will return for a second project soon!

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What do our customers say

MAPSystems recently worked on one of our projects where we needed a professionally edited sports training video for our institute. Honestly, we are super satisfied with their professionalism, expertise, turnaround time, and quality of work. Highly recommended!


Baseball training institute, California

Working with the team at MAPSystems was a delight for us. We are a medium-sized sports event company and were looking for a competent partner who could professionally edit our thousands of video clips. And guess what? The team at MAPSystems worked like magic! Two thumbs up!


Sports event company, Australia