Top 10 Benefits of Using Interactive eBooks for E-learning

The popularity of mobile learning is increasing at a greater pace than ever before. For a lot of professionals, learning about different new technologies and platforms can be a hard nut to crack. One of the operative solutions in such a scenario is interactive eBooks.

When it comes to mobile learning solutions, interactive eBook companies are sought the most owing to manifold advantages of interactive elearning for ebooks. Let us scrutinize three main among them.

interactive ebooks for elearning

Advantages of Interactive digital books

  • Components of interactive digital books are built almost like a website and the interactivity offered is gift.

    Proper design as well as structure is bestowed by the use of CSS and HTML. Recent versions of ePub takes even more benefits of HTML5. This enables flexible and rich interactivity. Also user interaction can be tracked with xAPI. Almost everything can be done with an interactive electronic book that you can do with a website.

  • You can access electronic interactive books both offline and online

    Interactive digitized books serves as the best option when users need to access information even when they are offline. Offline access can be obtained after you download the e-Book to user’s device. Certain platforms that you make use of for supporting deployment can help you to track the way users interact with content offline thus accessing the data when they reconnect.

  • No advanced skills of programming are mandatory. What you already know is enough

    A king part of the tools that are normally used by even the best eBook conversion company are either inexpensive or absolutely free of cost. In case you can enjoy the right to use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, eBooks can be built using Digital Publishing Suite and InDesign. Also, Sigil which is Google’s open source tool can also be helpful. Another one that is a proprietary option is Apple’s iBooks Author; it’s an excellent user-friendly and free tool for eBook mobile learning.

Using eBooks in eLearning

Electronic interactive ebooks for education are friendly to multiple platforms, printable and portable. On the first arrival in the literary world, eBooks were simply original text, integrated in the electronic format. However, it has evolved over the years, and now they are immersive and interactive. As a result, eBooks are being used in eLearning courses. Users can simply download an digital book on their tablet, laptop or mobile device. They can read the matter in their leisure time.As a result, they are more motivated and participate in the course. Here, you will come across seven tips that will help you to use interactive ebook for elearning.

interactive ebooks features
  1. Multiple formats

    Learners are able to get access to the eLearning course on several platforms. As a result, you need to make these eBooks available in various formats. While certain eBook publishersprefer PDF, others use ePub. It is necessary to conduct a survey to know the preferences of your learners. You can also research on the leading eBook converters, focusing on the formats that they support. In case you are offering your eBooks to Amazon or other third-party sites, have a look at their guidelines before any enhanced epub creation.

  2. Integrate text-to speech features

    Most eBooks lack immersiveness. It is necessary to integrate sound effects, background audio, and audio narrations. It will make your eBooks more engaging and interactive. For instance, you can use voice-acted speech in the eBooks, rather than reading out the characters. Today’s learners are tech-savvy and prefer using technology. They are more inclined to engaging eLearning games and online videos. Therefore, make sure that your eBooks are not static. You need to appeal to the senses of your audience. This is very crucial when it comes to digital conversion in education industry.

  3. Optimum level of interactivity

    Multi-sensory eBooks are more effective in retaining the interest of the readers.You need to add the right level of interactivity to it. Interactivity integrates tactile elements in the eBook, that online learners want to experience. Interactivity ensures more freedom to the learners. They can drag objects, click on links and take necessary notes. This helps them to participate in the learning process, increasing their activities on the platform. For instance, you need not explain them the procedure of completing a task. You can use a link to stimulate the task. Now, it is necessary to understand the ideal level of interactivity. Media-rich activities during eLearning keep the readers engaged. You can make a survey in order to know what the readers need in the digital book. Concentrate on their knowledge base, learning preferences and technical experience.

  4. Incorporate eLearning activities that promote skill building

    One of the most important advantages of electronic books is their ability to include multimedia. The eLearning developers can incorporate articles, videos and other elements that support eLearning in the document. Similarly, online learners may also upload creative elements that develop, based on the acquired knowledge. For instance, the learners should be able to make a video, summarizing what he has learnt from the course and share with his peers. As a result, their communication and technical skills get a boost. At the same time, they can help others to understand the topic. You can create a page on a social media platform for your eBooks. It will serve as a forum for your learners to share their views.

  5. Integrate links to your resources

    After reading a particular section of the eBook, the online learners may be looking for additional information. You should include links of the necessary resources that can make the process simplified. For instance, your readers should be able to watch tutorials and read relevant news articles. At the end, you may include a list of master resources. It will help learners interested in going through the sub-topics. It is necessary to divide it into relevant groups, making it easy for the learners to locate the information. Check your links from time to time to ensure that they are functional.

  6. Include a table of contents which readers can click upon

    Irrespective of the page length, you need to include a list of contents that are clickable in nature. Readers do not have the patience or time to go through the entire eBook, searching for a particular information. Integrate a clickable table with the contents, right at the beginning. It will redirect the readers to particular sections. You need to create bookmarks, linking them back to the table. Number the pages in your eBook and include the headings of the chapters. It will enable them to pause at the desired location and return to the place where they had ended reading easily.

  7. Focus on typography

    The fonts they choose might turn out to be illegible. Moreover, when the learners read the text on smaller screens, they find it difficult to read fancy fonts. It is necessary to use a standard font. You can be creative in other areas. Add images that appeal to the readers or try out artistic borders. However, if you are willing to integrate non-traditional typography, use them in limited areas. For instance, you can use a different font for the headings of the chapters, or contents table.

Readers can access electronic books through a large number of platforms, ranging from smartphones to eReaders. This makes them suitable for tech-savvy people, who are in constant need for information. These guidelines will assist you to develop creative, dynamic, interactive and media-enriched eBooks for your readers.

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