DTBook XML conversion services rendered to a Norway-based business

The client

The Client was one of the leading businesses in Norway that has created a space for itself in providing all the necessary literature and details to create digital books for a wide variety of objectives. Some of the goals were to create hybrid bookswith focused readers and clientele. The client also creates a deluge of spoken magazines and newspapers that are recorded in the company’s various in-house studies.

DT Book xml conversion services casestudy

The requirements of the client

When we were approached by the client for XML conversion and other related services, the client was under huge pressure to carry out the hybrid book production project. The client had already approached two other service providers before approaching us and was not satisfied with the quality of the pilot they submitted. The client lost a quarter trying to work out the association they had established with the other providers and was naturally under pressure to complete the project on time. The client was initially not keen on giving us the entire project as they wanted to see how we go about doing the project. However, as the project progressed the client agreed to continue the complete project.

The vital challenges of the project

  • One of the major challenges was to create high quality Processed PDF files. It involved merging, cutting and division of a variety of PDF files making use of Adobe
  • The Processed PDF files were then required to be converted into KES and Sprint. It also involved further down-sampling and formation of text priority such as the first, second and third layer texts which fall in line with the reading order
  • The client required about 68000 pages every month to be converted into Processed PDF, KES and Sprint. This very requirement of the client was the reason for making the turnaround time lengthy and the entire process time-consuming

How we met the challenges

As we were approached by the client for our quick and efficient deliverance of the service, we created the following strategies to meet the challenge:

  • We created a team of exceptionally talented professionals and endowed them with sufficient state-of-the-art work stations to carry out the entire project.
  • We also divided the work among the team members to meet the volume requirements of the client on time.
  • We also carried out extensive quality checks as and when the project was being carried out.

What we are able to achieve

In the primary stage of the project, we delivered exceptional work to the client sooner than the client expected; this helped us grab the entire project from the client.

By the end of the project we were able to:

  • Finish the agreed-upon volume within the timeframe set by the client
  • Meet all the specific requirements of the clients with utmost adherence to quality expectations and specific needs
  • Handle all the elements of the eBook with utmost care and quality
  • Pay great attention to details in order to make sure that the finished product was exceptionally well executed

The client was extremely satisfied with the delivery of the DTbook conversion services, our commitment, attention to details and the professionalism that we exhibited throughout the execution of the project.

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