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8 Stunning proofreading tips and tricks

Be it a marketing, legal or business copy, proofreading is a strenuous job which can be made simple by following few worthwhile tips. These are some of the highly recommended tips provided by the most reputed companies offering high-quality proofreading and copyediting services. By abiding to the listed tips, you can see measurable results in the final products.


  1. Enlarge the concerned text

  2. Using a huge screen and zooming up the document that has to be reviewed offers some relaxation for tired eyes. Usually proof readers have a pair of tired eyeballs by the end of the day. This practice of zooming the document up will greatly help to reduce the strain thus paving way for better results.

  3. Cycle like a washing machine

  4. It is time consuming to carry out several phases of proofing but the effort taken is obviously worthy as a document with embarrassing mistakes can do huge harm. First of all run a spell check to make sure the most misspelled words are broughtin well. Headers, footers and page numbering come just after it. Since the process is automated there is hardly any error occurring chance. Continue the process till the whole document is cleaned. Following a cycle is one of the most operative tips for successful proofreading.

  5. Take few minutes of rest in between

  6. A tired mind is more prone to mistakes than a fresh one. As the process of proofing takes hours it is often good to take enoughrelaxation in between. Finishing the writing and proof reading task must have at least a day’s difference for the effect to be visible.

  7. Read out Loud

  8. The work has to be read out loud to spot major differences and grammatical mistakes. You cannot simply opt to read silently and understand that everything is right while that hidden mistake is secretly going to cause you big damage. Reading aloud helps you in detecting errors with more ease.

  9. Point at words for better precision

  10. While going through words it is necessary to point at each of them so that you can spot the notorious “of” which became “off” and still the spell checked let it though. Missing small words can also easily be detected using this nifty little technique. The said tip should be carefully considered because lack of precision in spellings can change the meaning of whole context significantly.

  11. Divide and Conquer

  12. Using a ruler to divide the read part from the unread is a good idea. Even though it is hard to implement in electronic format, this is a good trick to practice in case of hard copies. This technique is extensively used as a proofreading tip and technique by a lot of professional service providers.

  13. Going opposite of the normal form

  14. An attractive trick often attempted by professional proofreading service providers is to try taking the last sentence first. Going backwards helps to slow down and spot errors better. Subconscious filling will be greatly reduced because our little brain is not enough to recognize backward reading all at once.

  15. Printed copy for better proofing

  16. Hard copies are the best formats to check for errors. We can also use a ruler to distinguish the read lines from the sea that has to be traversed. It also helps to avoid any unforeseen issues like power outages or mechanical failures.

Proofreading and copyediting services can be entrusted upon professionals who can get the job done easily. If you plan to do the same yourself then please try to obey the above listed rules and tips to stay in line with the quality level expected.

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