Why Are Color Correction and Grading Important in Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real estate photo editing is higher in demand these days. Colors in your real estate images play a major role as they are highly visible. Color impacts the look and feel of the photos and makes them more appealing to viewers’ eyes. Photoshoots might go well, but certain areas might make the image look too dark or bright. Here comes the role of real estate image editing, which rectifies major imperfections and makes the photos look amazing.

Color Correction and Grading

Let’s go through a few critical real estate image editing techniques, including color correction and grading. These two techniques are general but play a critical role during post-processing. Keeping the buyer’s interest, these techniques should be executed. Recreating the images to give the visitor a feeling of actually visiting the site helps him make his buying decision.

Color correction is the first thing to be taken care of in real estate photo editing. Laying a good foundation is important to make the image realistic yet beautiful. Images should be pleasing to the eye and attract emotions.

  • Every color has its meaning
  • Sales are correlated and are impacted
  • Has the ability to bring out the perception of life in visuals
  • Achieve realistic visibility

Color correction

This most vital photo editing technique can help break and make your image. Even if a pro takes it, any photo can benefit from this technique and bring an incredible difference. If you need a darker feel for your photo, you can adjust it accordingly. In the same way, if you want to make your photos more vibrant, exaggerate saturation and make them brighter. This technique helps in bringing the photo close to the real deal.

What are the special methods used to make this technique successful?

Depending on the software used, this correction technique will have distinct methods not limited to colors but includes illuminations and lighting.

  • Exposure is the amount of light that enters the camera during the photoshoot. It might vary from area to area. Photo editing helps in balancing this by combining layers through the stitching process.
  • Lights generate unwanted darkness and shadows. Midtone adjustments help in getting rid of these shadows. Midtones are the grey areas, and adjusting these areas helps improve the image’s appearance.
  • Colors and brightness impact the way light is reflected on them. The white balance controls the color balancing and neutrality.

Color grading real estate images

The grading technique refers to the change in the hue of the entire photo. It balances the colour and creates an aura which impacts the viewer’s attention. It helps in setting the tone of the photo. A warmer hue enhances the connection with a property to be sold. Color grading is an effective method in creating a mood that impacts the feeling benefiting the sales. It includes sharpness, contrast, color saturation and more.

What are the color grading techniques?

Several varied grading techniques are available, yielding the desired result by giving the images a different feel and mood.

  • Filters are the best way to change the photo’s mood by putting a tint over it. They can be flat or intense yet give a warm feeling with a bit of retouching.
  • Adjusting the curves helps in achieving the desired shade. Red, green and blue are more dominant and need to be moved.
  • Color heaviness within the image needs to be adjusted using special vibrance and saturation toggles.

Color grading real estate photos v/s color correction real estate photos

  • Color correction is the term that refers to the fundamental steps in photo correction.
  • This technique brings the photo to the color standard and represents the actual colors with even light distribution.
  • Brings the photo to the actual representation stage and showcases the property as perceived by the viewer.
  • Color grading takes the color correction to a top-notch level changing the image tone.
  • It visually creates a difference by inciting a different reaction based on the color.
  • These can create happy emotions with a bright sunny edit, whereas a dark hue creates an opposite feel.
  • This technique has a major play in color heaviness and saturation.

Few real estate photo editing software

There are numerous real estate photo editing software available. Let’s understand a bit about few.

  • GIMP

    GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program ) is a free software helpful for all your photo editing requirements. It has a user-friendly interface making your color grading tasks less daunting.

    Advanced features leading to the perfect technique of grading adjustments within no time.

  • Snapseed

    Software developed by Google with several useful tools available on iOS and Android.

  • Pixlr

    This software helps strike a balance without any exact measurements with coloring and contrast sliders. It also offers major replacements and gets the job done in a short period.

Things to remember while trying to find the best photo editing service, provider

  • Please find out the rates at which they provide their services
  • Know more about the company
  • Understand their project capacity
  • Quality should be kept at the forefront of the decision

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Nailing the picture-perfect grading and correction plays a major role in real estate image enhancement. Implementation of the proper level of grading and correction makes the image captivating for potential buyers.