Which is better for Digital Story Telling - eBooks or Apps


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With digital storytelling, learning has transformed to be a more effective process and this innovation has completed revolutionize the educational domain. There are three formats that are common with electronic storybooks- eBook apps, enhanced eBooks and eBooks. Before anything else, understanding the difference between these formats is important. The differences are in diverse aspects. Let’s scrutinize.

digital storytelling ideas eBooks versus Apps
  • Production process

    It an easier process when it comes to electronic book creation but the pitfall is that they have relatively limited capabilities; companies offering eBook creation services frankly admit the fact. At the same time, these can be created even by a person without any official education or proper training in software development. Enhanced versions are a bit hard to create and technical expertise is necessary. For apps, extensive experience and exceptional software knowledge is mandatory. Apps and even enhanced eBooks need content of multimedia type like audio, video, animation etc. and incorporating this can’t be done by a layman.

  • Selling potential

    Apps obviously come with great features of interactivity and wide range of options. The best part is that the rates are cheaper. Electronic books in fact are convertedbooks; people have a habit of paying for literary stuffs. At the same time, apps are freely available in the web and people usually download it without spending a penny.

    Normally there are several apps that are available free, initially. Entire story is featured but the multimedia features availed are restricted. The readers has to pay certain amount to have access to them. The rates charged are low because customers are used to pay less for apps.

    In case of electronic books and well as their enhanced versions, customers see a preview version by downloading it and make a critical comparison with hardcover books. This helps sellers to charge more. For those offering learning as a service, they can anytime carry out eBook editing and formatting with ease.

  • Compatibility with devices

    Different format caters to different audiences. Users get more personalized options are more interactivity with apps. At the same time enhanced eBook avails more scope to add multimedia content like audio, video as well as animation etc. These are nowadays becoming more and more compatible with latest smartphones and other hand held devices; digital conversion companies are trying hard for it. This is to assure that learning content is accessible by a wider pool of potential learners.


As detailed above different formats- electronic books, enhanced versions and apps have their own distinct features. The best one for you depends on the type of readers you are focusing on, the subject you are covering and similar other factors. So, make proper comparisons before you zero in for an option. Seeking expert advice from professionals offering eBook formatting and conversion services can also be helpful.

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