An Analysis on Future of eBooks Publishing Industry

It was in 2010 when for the first time ever Amazon announced that eBooks were sold more than hardcover books. Experts predicted that paperbacks will also encounter the same fate. So does physical book outsell ebooks? Their forecast was proved true towards the end of 2011 when Amazon revealed that the eBooks outsold hardcover books and paperbacks combined together. EBooks achieved this much success mainly because of the benefits that the devices for reading electronic books offered. The devices are cost-effective, convenient as well as easy to use. At the same time publishers find eBook publishing highly advantageous.

Future of ebooks in publishing industry  

With electronic books, the investment is lower as the production is cheaper, inventory storage costs are lower and most importantly, the dimension of reach is vaster when compared to the printed materials. Experts opine that more and more people are purchasing online and they are continuously gaining the market share. Besides changing the reading methods, e-readers also change the way in which the eBook publication is done and how they are bought and distributed.

Publishing of electronic books is not something new and the idea traces back to 1999 when Franklin eBookman was published. The increased demand of digital books, magazines and journals owes to many factors. The awareness among general public about the advantages of opting handheld devices for reading, lifestyle changes influenced by technology, enhanced quality of broadband connectivity and increasing popularity of digital books in the educational domain are few significant ones to be mentioned. Creating Interactive eBooks for eLearning domain are really of great help in teaching complex subjects that are hard to comprehend otherwise. Also, children find such books more interesting.

People read different types of eBooks on e-readers among which the most common ones are e-journals, fictions, e-learning, e-zines, children books and travel books etc. Universities these days are considering e-publishing as an optimal solution for the demand of continual updating.

Piracy issues is a matter of concern for publishers and to tackle this, Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology which prevents the use of content that the concerned content provider don’t want to be reused. Copy protection is also availed which needs the device or file to be modified for circumventing. As of now, big guns in the industry like Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Apple and AOL make use of DRM technology.

Though a minor section of authors were a bit unwilling about epublishing mainly because of copyright infringement vulnerabilities, a king part of new authors are open towards publishing their work as electronic books. The reason is obvious; they want to reach a wider audience and that too in most economical manner. Some book publishers start with e-publishing just to analyse the response and thus minimise the pre-production costs.

There are several e-reader brands among which the most favourite ones are Kindle from Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Sony Reader and iPad from Apple. They arrive with sophisticated features like e-Ink technology, dedicated bookstores, LCD color screens and touchscreen navigation etc. Tablet devices such as Samsung Galaxy, iPad etc. also hold a significant percentage of market share.

The Future of eBooks

The present strides indicate that electronic books are sure to gain more significance in future as the paper stocks are diminishing, production costs are rising and technologies are advancing. Experts forecast that the future eBooks will be arriving in different formats with improved indexing, navigation, e-discovery, search and a lot more advanced features.

With the expansion of eBook market, a wide variety of ebook formats have emerged thus paving way for increase in need of professional eBook conversion as well as formatting. However, getting the best people to back you is most crucial when you move ahead with digital publishing or else your efforts may not bring you the desired results.

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