Logo Design Ideas-13 Effective Ways to Create Business Logos

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Logos are everywhere and you see them daily. Even if you just look around now, I bet you can count at least 5-8 logos easily. These emblems or symbols deeply influence you at least at a subconscious level, if not directly.

Logo designs communicate valuable messages of a business and hold relevant meanings. It also reflects the brand value of a company. A brand logo design doubtlessly plays a crucial role in the customer’s decision-making process.

In this article, we will discuss 13 effective ways of designing your brand logos. But, before we learn how to create them, let us first understand its importance and what role it plays in building a business.

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Company Logo Design Ideas

Importance of Logo Design for Business

People recognize and remember a brand through logos. It is possibly the first thing people notice about your brand, which is why it is often described as the “face of a company”. However, aside from that, there are other reasons why a logo can be useful to businesses. Some of them are:

  • It can convey to targets that your business is trustworthy and professional.
  • A well-designed logo can draw new customers and increase their curiosity in knowing more about your brand.
  • You can effectively use your brand logo in advertisements and reach different customers no matter where they are.
  • It can represent your company and products and can create a distinct identity in the competition.
  • A familiar logo design can go a long way in facilitating brand loyalty among your customers.

Most Effective Ways of Creating Business Logo Designs

  • Purpose behind a logo

    Purpose behind a logo

    Logo’s primary role is to bear the identity of a product, service, business or a person. It determines how you are perceived. Graphic design trends keep on changing and new tools as well as techniques emerge over time but the purpose an emblem is intended to serve remains the same. Therefore it is vital for a business owner or professional designer to completely understand the actual scenario in which the prospects would see the logo. Referring the symbols and colors etc. used by some renowned and established brands can give some constructive inspiration. Remember it’s just for inspiration and nothing more.

  • Logo design is not mere art but there is much more to it

    Logo design is not mere art but there is much more to it

    Creative logo design would always be appealing but only strategic logos are appreciated when it comes to effectiveness in terms of brand enhancement facets. Creating something having beauty is not enough when it comes to logo designing. Just because emblems are visual objects, it’s doesn’t means that artistic abilities would alone do the favor. A good looking design should also serve as a strategic tool allowing the concerned brand to get identified in the targeted crowd. It should present the business in best possible light.

  • Logos without meaning is also fine

    Logos without meaning is also fine

    Identification matters the most and when you are making a logo for your business, this has to be kept in mind. Many times designers spend hours brainstorming how to embed some meaning in a logo and this paves way for many restrictions. Designers can’t work freely and their crafts lack the identity desired for a brand. Adding meaning to a logo is not that important. Most modern logos do not have any meaning. Many onlookers fail to find some meaning in a logo initially and most of them shun away from trying to find any. Even when a logo has no meaning attached to it, over time through regular marketing and interactions with customers, meanings get added.

  • Logo matter a lot- Reasons

    Logo matter a lot- Reasons

    There are some obvious reasons why businesses are too serious about the images representing them and without any hesitation investing in companies offering affordable logo design services. Some of the notable ones among them are:

  • They represent the face of an entity

    They represent the face of an entity

    Whenever you think of a business, the very first thing that pops up in your mind is a logo. And when you suddenly see an emblem you already are familiar with, you will surely relate it with the interaction you had with the brand, you experiences and memories about the brand. No wonder why business logos have a special relevance in the success of businesses.

  • Instant recognition of brand is established

    Instant recognition of brand is established

    A well-crafted logo stays memorable to help customers easily remember the concerned brand. Colors, shapes and also image as a whole can be processed and memorized by humans much easier and faster when compared to alternatively used words.

  • Good impression is created promptly

    Good impression is created promptly

    There are a lot of companies doing the same business and therefore staying ahead and winning the edge over others is crucial. Creating a good first impression means half the job is done; this is what making a unique logo exactly does. Many business owners opt for amateur cheap designers or simply create something by themselves. They lack any vision and are unaware of the damage a poor design can do to their brand value.

  • Meaning or brand values may be communicated

    Meaning or brand values may be communicated

    Company logos are used primarily for identification purpose but there is always a provision to convey important values the brand holds or any vital message the concerned business or company wants to communicate. Creating a pretty image is good but if you can make the image speak, it would be great. However, sacrificing the looks for the sake of adding message would be unwise.

  • Designing a logo - points to keep in mind

    Designing a logo - points to keep in mind

    Building a brand and ensuring its success takes a lot of planning and perspiration. It is not everything for a business but it is one of the basic pillars upon which a brand rests. Without having a good logo, all your further efforts may not turn out to be effective enough to fetch you desired results.

    Some of the logo design process tips that can be of immense help to craft an amazing logo are explained below:

  • Make it simple

    Make it simple

    Business logo ideas may be complex. Complicated logos are in fact good for nothing and even the wisest entrepreneurs make the mistake of designing complex symbols to represent them. Such logos only overwhelm and confuse the customers. It is always better to use minimum elements; most powerful and popular brands have simple logos.

  • Choose right colors

    Choose right colors

    Colors matter a lot and hence the color for your design and brand should be chosen wisely. It is one of the very basic logo designing tips. Different colors involve different emotions and hence a color can negatively or positively impact your brand. To say, while blue means trust and black means luxury, red invokes excitement, hunger and passion etc. The nature and vision of your business and brand should not contradict with the color chosen but in fact complement it. So, choosing the right color for your logo design expresses the unique personality. However selecting best color is important for graphic designers.

  • Social media should be considered

    Social media should be considered

    The role of social media in propelling the growth of a business can be overlooked and hence how a logo looks on various profiles matters a lot. Well! This is not the most important thing to consider but you should not overlook this aspect completely. The logo designed must be recognizable and attractive on various social media profile and thumbnail images. There are companies that go one step further to create logo specifically for social media which are essentially cut down versions of their actual logos. However, maintaining consistency is the best thing to do.

  • Keep it unique

    Keep it unique

    It must be unique as nothing ruins your reputation more than having a logo that is a copycat of modified version of your competitor’s already existing logo. Besides inviting unprofessionalism, it also questions your credibility and prospects find it hard to trust you. Make proper studies, let your creative juices flow, draw some sketches and put maximum effort in creating a unique logo; it’s really worth it.

    When it comes to logo designing, focusing too much on even the minutest of details an even the least significant aspects drag the process to nowhere. It matters but again you have a lot more things to do. Incepting a brand and establishing it into a successful one demands huge patience. This is one among those brand logo design tips which can’t be ignored.


    As we know, a logo is the face of a company, more like its official identity, in front of the target audience. Therefore, it is imperative to design this brand face in the most effective manner possible. This will not just add value but also serve as a medium for brand recognition.

    Modern logo artwork must be extremely minimal, considering “less is more”. The colors must represent the brand's voice. It also must have a storytelling factor. The suggestions listed above are a few ways a modern graphic designer can develop the best brand logo. Usually, professional graphic design agencies offer such high-end logo design services at nominal costs and a fast TAT.

    Find yourself such an expert team and keep your branding strategies growing with an enticing, contemporary brand logo.