YouTube Shorts for 2024 as a Marketing Tool - A Complete Guide

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YouTube came into existence back in 2005 as a video streaming platform, and since then, it has been a hub of countless videos and viral content trends in the forms of online entertainment. One of those trends is YouTube Shorts, which has taken the Internet world by storm.

If you want to know more about YouTube Shorts and how it can be leveraged as a marketing tool, stick with us till the end!

What are YouTube shorts, and what is their ideal length?

Much like Insta Reels and TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts are a format of short video content in vertical formats with a maximum duration of 1 minute, and contain a highly trendy, quirky, and attention-grabbing content. The intention behind these short viral videos is the same as their conventional longer counterparts: to accumulate as many subscribers as possible in the process.

Apart from millions of YouTube content creators, this particular format has been leveraged by marketers alike to boost their brand promotion and attract potential customers. With more than 2.6 billion active users creating trendy YouTube Shorts, these short-form video content with an ideal length of 15-60 seconds are sure to drive engagement, as it has been proven for many global brands as well as start-ups.

These can be shot on smartphones and uploaded directly to a YouTube channel through the app, and using the platform’s built-in video creation tools, one can add trending music and background scores, animated texts and messages, GIFs, logos, captions, and many other multi-media elements within the content.

The best part of YouTube Shorts is that, unlike TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, these stay on the platform permanently, until deleted by the creator (or if taken down by YouTube itself).

What are the requirements to create YouTube Shorts?

Before starting, a YouTube content creator must be aware of the features of Shorts and the necessary requisites to create one. These requirements are crucial for their success and must be maintained adequately.

  • First of all, the content creator or the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  • Secondly, YouTube shorts must have a format in a vertical orientation with a 9:16 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The dimensions of YouTube Shorts must be maintained at any cost.
  • The content must be short, up to 60 seconds. It can be a combination of several 15-seconds duration video clips or one continuous shot lasting 1 minute.
  • The audio can be taken from YouTube’s music library or other sources.

How to create YouTube shorts: A beginner's guide

  • Step #1: Download the app on your smartphone

    Download the app on your smartphone

    Shorts can be created natively only on the YouTube app; this helps keep everything in one single place without the need to download another app to capture the video.

    To download the app:

    • Login to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and search for YouTube.
    • Select and download the official YouTube app.
    • Once the app gets installed on your smartphone, click on the app and log in using your Google credentials. You may also create a separate YouTube login.
  • Step #2: Create the Short

    Create the Short
    • Click on the (+) icon on the app homepage, then click “Create a Short”.
    • If you want to record a 15-seconds video clip, click and hold the red recording button or tap the button to start the recording, then again tap to stop.
    • If you are recording a longer 60-seconds video, tap on the number 15 above the red recording button and change the duration to 60-seconds.
    • Once the recording is done, tap on the checkmark to save the file.
  • Step #3: Edit the video

    Edit the video

    If you want to add any special effects and visual elements, go to the right side of the screen and browse the toolbar. A few elements are as follows:

    • Switch camera view (tap the “rotating” arrows).
    • Set a countdown timer for hands-free video creation (click the “clock” icon).
    • Adjust speed (click the 1x button).
    • Add filters (tap the “three circles” icon).
    • Align the transitions between the video clips (by tapping the “ghost” icon).
    • Change your background to a green screen or add a photo in the background from your phone’s files (click the “person” icon).
    • Retouch your video (click the “magic wand” option).
    • Add foley sound (click the “Add sound” option above the screen).

    (Note: Content creators can add audio tracks to their Shorts either before the recording or later during editing. You may reach out to an experienced Shorts video editor for all these editing).

    After completing the above steps, if you feel something is amiss, undo it by simply clicking the “reverse” arrow beside the record button.

  • Step #4: Now, upload your Short

    Now, upload your Short
    • Once the edits and retouching are done, click the “Next” option in the top-right.
    • Select if the video will be public, unlisted, or private (similar to the usual YouTube video uploading process).
    • Add details like the video’s name, tag someone if you want to, if you are collaborating with someone, or if it’s a paid promotional Shorts video.
    • Give a custom thumbnail; although YouTube Shorts’ thumbnails don’t appear much on someone’s feeds, they do get displayed on the channel’s video feed. As of now, YouTube Shorts thumbnail size is similar to standard YouTube videos - 1280 x 720.
    • Mark the checklist whether the content is appropriate for children or requires an age restriction (similar to the usual YouTube video uploading process).
    • Finally, click on the “Upload Short” button to publish.

How to monetize YouTube shorts

Once you start seeing a good number of subscribers, views, likes, and shares, you will automatically think about monetizing the videos for an extra source of revenue.

Monetizing conventional YouTube videos is a common practice amongst the millions of YouTubers with a large number of subscribers. Today, let’s learn how to monetize YouTube Shorts videos, too.

In fact, monetizing YouTube Shorts wasn’t always a possibility; back in 2020, when YouTube Shorts was first launched, YouTube didn’t have the provision of earning revenue from Shorts. However, the good news is that starting in early 2024, video content creators can earn revenue from their Shorts, depending on the number of views and subscribers.

For example, they would need a minimum of 10 million views over a period of 90 days. That way, they can qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, through which the video streaming giant shares its revenues with video creators. They can now get around 45% of ad revenue from their videos.

8 handy tips for brands to utilize the full potential of YouTube shorts

  1. Create a hook in the intro

    You only have 15-60 seconds to impress potential subscribers and your existing channel followers, and convey the crux of the video. Make the opening of the intro highly hooking that will draw your target audience’s attention right from the start.

  2. Keep it short, crispy, and snappy

    Remember, your YouTube Shorts are just a glimpse or a highlight, not a conventional YouTube video with a much longer duration. Hence, keep the curiosity intact by showing just what the bare minimum is.

  3. Play around with cuts

    Play around with different cuts, smooth transitions, slo-mo to rapid cutting, dissolves, and much more to keep the audience glued until the end.

  4. Incorporate captivating visuals and music

    Eye-catching visual elements and a suitable background score can greatly enhance your video's appeal. Nobody loves a boring video playing on their feed. Make your video extra appealing with creative filters, special effects, GIFs, and relevant, upbeat background music.

    However, one thing to be noted here is if your content are mostly dialogues between yourself and another person, or maybe it’s you who’s role-playing multiple characters, try to keep the background music to a minimum.

  5. Make sure to add captions/subtitles

    Adding captions or subtitles has an extra benefit to content creators. Not only do subtitles clearly transcribe what’s playing onscreen, but they also help non-natives understand foreign content.

  6. Be consistent with your branding

    Never forget to keep everything consistent with your corporate branding identity, just as you would with a longer YouTube brand video. Showcase your logo and theme color; utilize the same font family if possible; and keep the brand tone consistent.

  7. Use the correct hashtag

    If you want to reach a wider mass, ensure you utilize the right set of hashtags with the correct keywords, because most of these content are indexed through these hashtags.

    Search for the most popular hashtag in your niche and use them within the content, thus catering to the search algorithm of YouTube.


Owing to the manifold benefits, most importantly, the engagement quotient and the reach, several globally renowned big brands have jumped on the short-form video content bandwagon. The soaring number of Shorts is proof of this. Thus, learning all about it, including how to create and monetize it, is imperative.

Brands are leaning on legit third-party video editing companies that offer stellar video editing services to get their brand videos edited by professional video editors there.

So whether it is YouTube Shorts, TikTok videos, or Insta Reels, make space for short-form video content in your marketing strategy and tap into the massive user base of these platforms. Get in touch with a seasoned YouTube video editing services offering agency today. Good luck!