Reasons Why You Need Color Matching Services

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If you are running an eCommerce business and selling products online, then you should keep a budget aside for professional color matching services and color changing services. If you are selling multiple products, you may find it a bit difficult to showcase the color variations of multiple products. The camera that you use may fail to capture your products’ actual colors. This is mainly due to the fact that photographers often fail to capture the original product looks due to improper angles and camera settings. With professional color matching and color changing support, you will be able to create product images that perfectly portray the actual colors of products.

Color Matching Service

Defining color matching service

Color matching service, in its true essence, is a type of photo editing service. If you want a photo editing service provider to support you with color matching service, you should send the product image to them. The professional photo editors employed by the company would then apply the right color code that would exactly resemble the actual product’s color code. This code is then used to rectify and match the product’s color. This method needs to be carried out by experienced image editors who are precise in their approach.

Defining color changing service

Professionals delivering color changing service apply a color code. The purpose of color coding is not to match the color with the actual product color, but to create multiple color variants of a single product. Let us explain this with a very simple example. If you are selling a bottle that appears in 5 different colors, you may not need to click 5 different photographs. You can just click the photo of one variant and then ask a photo editor to apply 4 other color codes to the image to create images of the other color variants.

Now that you are aware of the concepts of color matching and color changing, you may want to know in detail how these services might benefit you. In the following section, we have discussed how color matching and color changing services may help your business to grow and create an impact on your target audience:

  • Decreases the probability of returns

    Decreases the probability of returns

    Product returned do not only impact businesses in terms of monetary losses, but also in terms of reputation. Apart from bearing the additional charges for product pickup and shipping, you will need to address a negative review posted by the unsatisfied customer. Research indicates that the return rate associated with online businesses is 30 percent whereas for physical stores, it is just 8 percent. And mismatch between the product shown in the images and the product in actuality contributes to over 25 percent of returns. You can employ companies providing color correction and color matching support in order to ensure that your actual products and their images look the same and this would allow your customers to fully understand what they would be receiving. This, in turn, would reduce the probability of returns.

  • Boosts product appeal

    Boosts product appeal

    With color matching, you can make product images appear more appealing. Ask yourself if you would ever stop for a moment to look at your products’ images. If you feel that your products’ images have no special appeal, then it’s high time for you to hire a professional photo editing service. With color matching and color correction, you can generate clearer and enhanced images that don’t have too much of noise, shadows, or dullness. This would considerably boost the appeal of images while making your products appear more genuine. You can apply these techniques on diverse eCommerce product images including the images of accessories, clothing, electronic gadgets, etc.

  • Saves time

    Saves time

    You might be having several tasks to handle at the same time. This may include inventory management, marketing, accounting, and several other critical processes. By outsourcing photo editing services to a company, you can focus on your critical tasks. Your outsourced team of editors can process hundreds of images very efficiently and can deliver the refined versions to you within a predetermined timeline.

  • Multiple color variants

    Multiple color variants

    Using color changing service, you can create multiple color versions of the same product without having to click separate images for the same product. By using a single image to generate several color versions of the same product, you make considerable savings in terms of money, time, and effort.

  • Helping customers in making informed decisions

    Helping customers in making informed decisions

    Customers who buy products online make a purchase decision based on the images they see. So you should use apt images so that customers can get an in-depth idea of what they should be expecting from you. By using images that showcase products in their original colors, you build a sense of trust among your target audience who are most likely to feel satisfied once they get the actual products in hand.

  • Boosts conversion rate

    Boosts conversion rate

    By using images of high quality, you can engage your customers to a great extent. When customers find that they have got what they expected, they would be happy and would be most likely to buy from you. They would provide positive reviews about your company and this would boost your sales further.

Have you decided on an eCommerce product marketing strategy? If yes, have you accommodated investments in color matching and color changing services in your budget? If not, it’s time to rethink your strategy.


Thus, as you can see, color matching or color changing support is required primarily by eCommerce marketers. These online sellers need to showcase their products in a way that not only matches their colors but also enhances them.

That's why photo editing services are in high demand in the eCommerce industry. More and more e-tailers are adopting such realistic editing services that give their items a competitive edge. There are several expert photo editing companies offer outstanding photo retouching and color matching services at a nominal rate. Owing to their expertise in apparel photo editing and glamor retouching, marketers often collaborate with them.

So, get yourself a perfect product photo editing partner and see a visible rise in your eCommerce sales.