Top 9 Best Video Editing Companies in 2024

Video Editing

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Video editing is undoubtedly an art that keeps the audience glued until the end of the video. It is such a craft that not just requires a great deal of detailing and artistic eyes. But it also involves several technical processes that must be done with ample patience. Without effective editing, a content creator fails to make the desired impact on viewers.

However, often it becomes financially straining for businesses, especially SMEs and start-ups, to hire freelancers or maintain a full-time in-house video editing team. In such cases, the solution remains offloading or outsourcing to a video post-production agency.

In this handy guide, we will give you answers to the following:

  • Which are some of the best video editing companies available online?
  • Why is it important for businesses to outsource?
  • Lastly, how would you find the best-outsourced partner for your business?

So whether you are a brand owner, a video podcaster, a vlogger, or a professional videographer, read this article until the end and find the answers to the above questions. Let’s get started!

Best Video Editing Companies

List of top 9 agencies to outsource video editing

There are several video post-production agencies that offer professional video editing services at affordable rates and fast delivery times. However, often it becomes tricky to find the best one among so many. We have curated and compiled some of the best-known agencies listed, from one to ten. This list will help you pick the most suitable external team you want to work with and maintain long-term business liaisons.

  1. MAPSystems


    Based out of Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, MAPSystems is one of the leading providers of professional video editing services. The creative organization has been in the industry for 30+ years and has carved a niche in IT&ITES domains. They are supported by a team of video editing experts who are highly trained and skilled with in-depth domain expertise.

    Categories for which MAPSystems provides stellar video editing services are -

    • Wedding
    • Real estate
    • Corporate and business
    • Education
    • eCommerce
    • Product explainers & demos
    • Podcast
    • Corporate and academic training & tutorials
    • Events, seminars, and conferences
    • Social media

    - and more.

    Their state-of-the-art infrastructure and robust workforce enable them to achieve such perfection. MAPSystems caters to a global clientele with varied requirements, offers a fast turnaround time, and has flexible rates starting at $6 (USD) per hour.

  2. Ruckus


    Ruckus is a USA-based (New York) video editing solutions provider with a strong legacy. The agency has a lot of satisfied clients to testify to its expertise and competency. Ruckus offers great delivery outcomes coupled with amazing customer service, mostly for marketing videos. Some of the globally reputed brands are among its clients.

    Ruckus offers editing services in the following sectors:

    • Retail
    • Advertising & marketing
    • Energy & natural resources
    • Automotive and more.

    Their pricing starts at $150 (USD) per hour.

  3. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions


    ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is another leader in offering stellar video post-production services with top-notch quality. Some of the mainstream categories of video editing they offer are:

    • Real estate
    • eCommerce
    • YouTube Shorts
    • Instagram Reels
    • Vlogs
    • Music videos
    • TikToks
    • GoPro shots
    • Travel vlogs

    - and much more! The 10+ years agency has an immensely skilled and prolific team as its backbone. This expert team is thorough with all kinds of recent video editing trends, the changing tastes of online video consumers, as well as the latest software and technologies. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions has very competitive pricing, starting at $6 (USD) per hour.

  4. Blue Chalk Media

    Blue Chalk Media

    An award-winning company in Brooklyn, New York, Blue Chalk Media is the one-stop solution for all kinds of video editing. Ever since its inception in 2013, this incredible agency has produced over 700 custom videos and edited over 1000+ video content. It also has more than 100+ awards in its kitty. The New York Times, Pearson, Nike, etc. are some of its esteemed clients.

    Blue Chalk Media offers video retouching and enhancement services for:

    • Branding
    • Social media
    • Documentaries
    • Education
    • Journalism and more.

    Their average hourly rate is $175 (USD).

  5. Webdew


    Since 2016, Webdew has been relentlessly serving clients worldwide with its stellar video retouching and enhancement services. Within a short span of time, Webdew has solidified its name in the industry with a robust, scalable team of 50+ video editors with hands-on experience. The pricing of Webdew’s services is reasonable, with a great deal of add-ons.

    Webdew’s expert video post-production team provides enhancement and retouching services for:

    • Explainer videos
    • Whiteboard animations
    • 2D animations
    • 3D animations
    • Kinetic typography

    Pricing starts at $50 (USD).

  6. GKV


    Based out of Baltimore, Maryland (US), GKV is a reliable agency, with the majority of its clients being mid-sized businesses. It has great expertise in editing marketing and branding videos for sales growth. GKV has strong overall expertise across multiple industries, such as healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, and the like.

    GKV offers services for:

    • Brand development
    • Broadcast videos
    • Media planning
    • Video/audio production
    • PR video content

    - and more.

    Their pricing starts at $150 (USD) and goes up to $199 (USD) per hour.

  7. The DVI Group

    The DVI Group

    The DVI Group has a strong legacy of almost 25 years, undergoing several evolutions and achieving new milestones in video editing and retouching. All these strong traits have made the company a trusted name among its target audience.

    Apart from high-end editing and developing highly personalized videos, The DVI Group also specializes in producing award-winning live-action, motion graphics, and 2D/3D video content. AT&T, Delta Airlines, and McKesson are some of their high-profile clients. The DVI Group is located in Atlanta, USA.

    They offer editing solutions for the following sectors:

    • Advertising
    • Digital marketing
    • eCommerce
    • Travel and tourism and more.

    Their pricing starts at $100 (USD) and goes up to $149 (USD) per hour.

  8. Kyro Digital

    Kyro Digital

    Kyro Digital is situated in California, USA, and has a fleet of professionally trained and highly skilled video editors. Not just that, Kyro Digital also has dedicated photo editors, professional videographers, storyboard specialists, and the like. With the team's strength, Kyro Digital has made itself one of the most sought-after agencies for video editing services.

    Their services are ideal for big corporates, as well as SMEs and start-ups. Some of their notable clients are Targus, Netgear, Bose, and Beats Audio.

    The agency offers advanced video editing and retouching services to the following industries:

    • Automotive
    • IT
    • Hospitality
    • Media

    - and more.

    Kyro Digital’s hourly price varies between $50 (USD) and $99 (USD).

  9. Blend


    As a creative video editing company based out of Los Angeles, California (USA), Blend has made itself a big name in the video editing and retouching domain. Their world-class services are carried out by an immensely skilled and trained team. Mid-tier scaling companies, Fortune 500s, digital disruptors, and novel start-ups, Blend has been a steady partner with these corporate categories.

    Their editing workflow includes adding motion graphics, noise removal, sound design, voice-over narration, color grading, music licensing, and so on.

    Apart from video editing, Blend also offers the following services:

    • Digital marketing services
    • Video marketing services
    • Video production
    • Photography
    • Branding

    Blend doesn’t give exact pricing information. One has to submit their exact requirements to get a custom quote.

There you are! A handy list of all the top-grade video editing service providers available online. You may choose the one you deem fit and get started. Consider your budget, objectives, requirements, and other criteria before selecting the perfect external team. We will discuss the best tips for finding the right outsourced partner in detail. Keep scrolling.

Why must you outsource video requirements to an external agency?

Now, let us wrap our heads around that forever question, why should video post-production and editing be outsourced to a professional agency? Well, collaborating with or hiring a third-party agency is not just a profitable option for a business. But also a time-saver and, most importantly, your best shot at getting all the best-in-class technologies.

If you are still in doubt about why you should outsource video editing to a professional company for your video production requirements, check out the benefits below. Hopefully, these will give you enough reasons to go forward with outsourcing.

  • Professional quality assured by a vast talent pool

    The best part of working with a professional team is getting a clean, polished, and top-grade final outcome that gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. Marketers and brand owners can access a vast talent pool, assuring the best quality end product.

    These professional editing agencies are backed by a robust infrastructure, a strong workforce of skilled experts, and professional commitment. All these together enable them to deliver the best. On the contrary, an in-house team might not have the diverse talent and skills required for each unique project.

  • Consistency of quality and appearance

    Consistency is key when you are in business and aspiring to improve your branding and promote awareness. Working with an external agency ensures maximum consistency and uniform output. The end product never deviates from the set style or brand guidelines the client defines.

    These professionals have a stringent eye for detail and ensure the branding elements are intact in each project. This deeply strengthens brand recognition and builds it among the target audience.

  • Drive more ROI by focusing on core business areas

    When you have a team of experts to take care of your video post-production matters, you get enough free time to focus on your core business development areas. Marketers can dedicate their quality time to outreach, creating lead generation campaigns, email marketing, networking, hosting webinars, podcasts, and so much more. They can execute all these without worrying a bit about the quality of their business videos.

    Professional teams also keep you in the loop during each development phase. Hence, you are also updated about the exact status of your video and can act accordingly.

  • Exceptionally scalable

    Outsourced agencies are highly scalable. I.e., they can upsize (increase) or downsize (decrease) the team strength based on the client’s requirements. If someone requires videos to be edited in bulk within a fixed deadline, the agencies can increase their team strength accordingly.

    Also, if there’s a smaller requirement, they can handle that too effortlessly. In a nutshell, given their team strength, they can work on multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, and deliver the utmost quality.

  • Save your OpEx from exorbitant licenses

    Another incredible thing about working with an external professional agency is that you get all the latest advanced technologies and software at your disposal without any significant cost. These teams leverage cutting-edge licensed software with the latest updates to speed up their video editing workflow.

    Imagine paying monthly subscriptions or buying expensive licenses for these video editing tools. You have to spend most of your OpEx (Operational Expense) on these licenses alone. With a dedicated resource by your side, don’t worry about paying for the software. You just need to pay a nominal retainer fee, either monthly, hourly, or project-based, to these firms, and you are sorted. Therefore, the cost of outsourcing video editing is way less than maintaining a full-time in-house team.

5 tips while finding the best third-party video editing company

All said and done; now it is time for action. Examine all the agencies listed above and find the best one for your business. But wait. Do you know the best tips to find the right partner? Or what key traits and qualities must you look out for before signing a contract with a video editing partner?

Scroll below, and you will get your doubts answered.

  1. Check their portfolio and past projects

    Always ensure that you thoroughly review the portfolio of the agency you have selected. This will give you a better idea of their expertise and the quality of their work. Along with that, check out what kinds of work they have done for their clients in the past. Do they appeal to you? Do they reflect the kind of quality you expect from them? If yes, then go for it!

  2. Check out the technologies they use

    As mentioned earlier, the technologies these agencies use are up-to-date and highly efficient. However, before deciding, try to take a look at the kinds of technologies your chosen firm uses. Whether they are updated or not, whether they have proper licenses for the tools, whether they own them, rent them, or have taken a lease, etc. Before you are completely sanguine about this, don’t commit. Because the more advanced the software, the better the outcome will be.

  3. Check their customer reviews and ratings

    Customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings are social proofs that must be considered rigorously. These act as an online reputation for the company and will give you a clear idea of their business values and customer service. The more positive the past clients are, the more confident you can be in your selection.

  4. Understand their payment terms

    This is another very useful tip for deciding whether to proceed or leave. Any professional company will have a set of defined payment terms to abide by. These terms must be transparent, and there mustn’t be any hidden charges or click-bait. Any of these are huge red flags, and you must reconsider your decision. See if they offer installments or if you have to pay everything upfront. If they ask for money upfront, just give it a second thought.

  5. Observe their response time and customer service

    Right from day one, see how they behave with you as a valuable lead. For example, the response time they take, how detailed their emails are, how patient they are with your queries, etc. This will give you a fair idea of the kind of customer service and user experience they provide. If you notice any red flags at this point, there is no need to proceed with the deal.

  6. See whether they offer a trial or not

    Last but not least, ask for a trial and see if they offer it wholeheartedly. Usually, professional video retouching and post-production companies offer free trials for prospects to take. These trials give a glimpse of quite a few things about the company. Such as:

    • Work quality
    • Domain expertise
    • Customer service
    • TAT

    - and so on. Trials are a way to judge everything in real-time because you would actually work on a project with the team. If you are satisfied with everything, wait no more and sign that agreement!


So you see, there are so many top-grade video editing and post-production agencies available online that you can hire for your requirements. We have given all their details, the benefits one can get by hiring them, as well as handy tips to find the best service provider.

Now it’s your turn. Bookmark this blog, do some prior research on these companies, and follow the tips mentioned above. Soon enough, you will find the right partner for hire. Whether you are a brand owner or a professional videographer, start outsourcing video editing today and reap great benefits!