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Video editing: A comprehensive guide & tools for beginners

28 June, 2018

Video editing is no more a complex process involving advanced equipment and laborious processes undertaken by technical experts. It is now quite simplified after the introduction of flexible and feature-rich video editing software programs. Using these even beginners can manage to create good videos and publish them online; you too can create intriguing videos on all your favorite concepts. Hope this video editing tutorial for beginners would help.

video editing tutorials for beginners


It is in fact possible to condense and breakdown the whole video-editing process for the beginners in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Select the right video editing software (free & paid)

This is one of the video editing basics.As a beginner, you may be wondering which software is the best for your purpose. Read through the tutorial of your editing software and know all about its features. Finally, select the software with the best features. Also ensure that the software effectively meets your purpose; this is in fact very important. With plenty of advanced editing software for windows and MAC available at your service, even the beginners venturing into video editing are spoilt for choice.

  • Windows Movie Maker: Windows Movie Maker is a top video editing software program introduced by Microsoft. Beginners can give a vent to video editing and use it for both creating and editing videos. The features of the software also allow you to publish the created and edited videos. If your Windows machine does not include the software, don’t worry. It is an open source video editor, can download it for free in online.

  • IMovie (Mac): IMovie is Apple’s video editing software facilitating beginners to edit and create new videos easily. Now Mac users can download the software free online and give a vent to their creative genius in video editing. It has plenty of advanced features such as easy import of video footage from hard drive. You can edit footage and include music, animation, effects or themes easily.

  • EZvid (Windows): Ezvid is an advanced feature-rich video editor for creating stunning new videos. The top features include voice recording and synthesis. You can splice video and its pace can be managed. It can also be used for fast recording and video editing.

  • Final Cut Pro X (Mac): Here is another video editor from Apple for editing videos professionally. With its top features such as 360 degree editing and multicam editing etc., beginners are sure to inculcate new interests in video editing and explore its vast horizons. The Angle viewer in the Multicam allows viewing upto 16 angles instantly.

  • AVID Media Composer (Mac or PC): Avid Media Composer is the second choice of professional video editor after Final Cut Pro. Beginners can opt for free trial and explore the features of this video editor application. They can get familiar with the professional video editing features and apply them as required.

  • Adobe Premier Pro (Mac or PC): Adobe Premier Pro is professional video editing software with similarities to AVID Media Composer and Final Cut Pro X. Beginners can opt for the trial and understand the features of the software. It is an affordable and professional software tool, and you can consider purchasing it.

  • Lightworks Free (Mac or PC): Lightworks is an award winning video creation application. It has won the Emmy Award for the year 2017. It has been used over two decades for film editing. You can create videos for social media and YouTube using this application. The feature-rich application is easy to use with a simple interface. Beginners can easily trim or manage editing using the software. It is a free editing software tool for Mac or PC users.

Step 2: Remember before you edit the raw footage...

There are some fundamentals of video editing and certain tips that you must pay attention to before you edit. Here are the most important among them:

  • Watch your footage multiple times and then choose your clips carefully. Do not be in a hurry; you may miss out on the right clips

  • While you are shooting, be keen to shoot plenty of shots. Remember to shoot important scenes many times. This will give you more shots and better footage to consider while editing. You can use the extra clips to procure better results

  • You may be keen to include plenty of video effects especially in your first video editing ventures. Bate your enthusiasm as too many effects are not desirable. Staying simple and straight is one among the golden rules of video editing

  • Take some well-deserved breaks during your editing sessions. After the initial editing session, opt for break. With a fresh look, you will notice better and find plenty of new aspects. This will help you perform even betters

Step 3: Video editing guide for beginners

How to edit videos easily using Lightworks editor
You may be eager toknow how to edit videos. You can start soon and edit using Lightworks. Here are some guidelines that will keep you updated on the process and details to follow while editing videos.

Let’s start –off our editing process.

Create your project in Lightworks

Lightwork offers the option to create a new project. After you open it, enter the name you have decided for itand then click ‘create’. Then select a frame rate for your project as required. Select ‘Auto’ in the frame rate and it can automatically align to the FPS (Frame Rate per Second) of the footage under ‘editing’.

Start off editing by importing your footage into Lightworks.

To import, access the ‘Local Files’ in the top left tab and include your footage in the folder. Then a drop down list is provided for you to select the clips, and at that time click ‘import’.

Organize your footage

After importing the footage, you will have to organize your footage, especially if you are editing shots of large events such as weddings etc. You will have to create folders, name them and include all the corresponding files of each folder in them. While shooting films, put all the shots of a scene in a corresponding folder created for this purpose

You can also create ‘Bins’ using the video editor. In the left column of the video editor, you will find ‘Bins’ icon and to create bins simply click on ‘+’ close to the ‘Bins’. Drag and drop the footages into corresponding ‘Bins’.

Plan and mark your footage

Scan your footage and choose the parts that are to be used. ‘Mark ‘the clips using ‘I’ for in and ‘O’ for out. Mark all the clips that are to be used. This will be useful as you want to utilize the clips from the start to the end.

Arrange your footage

Now, you have an array of clips that are marked, you can place them in your timeline. You can rearrange your clips and place them according to your idea. Arrange your clips carefully in order.

In order to set this up, select ‘Normal’ from ‘Modify’. Go to Format and then Paragraph. Find the ‘Line Spacing’ option in the ‘Spacing’ menu and choose ‘Multiple’ once you find it. Now, give the spacing value in the tab for the same as 1.2.

Clear your timeline

After arranging your clips, clear your timeline. Trim each clip short or long as required for good playback using adequate tools.

Edit and provide sound special effects

Now comes your favorite and most interesting part of the video editing – adding new effects! Select the clip that you want to add effects. Then click on the ‘+’ icon on top towards the left and choose the effects that you want to add.

Export the video

You have almost reached the final stage. Now you simply have to export the video. Then, you can use the ‘share’ option and export it on YouTube or other social platforms.

Video editing is a field brimming with opportunities. Earlier only experts with ample exposure to the editing domain or deep profound knowledge with advanced editing tools could manage a career. But, now the scenario is different. Plenty of beginners well acquainted with the basic concept of editing video have started learning things in deep and are enjoying a new and rewarding career in video editing after the introduction of advanced but simple-to-use video editing applications. And this is the best way to learn the fundamentals of editing a video clip.

There are lots of expert professionals from top video editing companies offering these services and even as a beginner you have plenty of opportunities to choose from.

So, if you are planning to start a career, don’t worry about the video editing scope of work; there are countless opportunities available.

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