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Is responsive web design crucial to your business? - 4 Reasons

A website is something more than mere presence of your brand or business in the web. It in fact plays a pivotal role in marketing, interacting with clients and maintaining the overall brand image of a company. A large section of customers use mobile gadgets, tablets and other sophisticated devices to get access to the internet and this is where the importance of responsive web design lies in.

Benefits of mobile friendly web design


In order to capitalize on the optimum usage of infographics and other features, business firms are increasingly incorporating responsiveness nowadays. They can enjoy a number of functional and aesthetic benefits from responsive websites. Every company wants to stride ahead in the competition with unique marketing strategies. It offers great degree of innovation and flexibility.

Here are four reasons why responsive web design is important for business.

  1. Great looks of website pull more customers

  2. How a website looks matters a lot when it comes to marketing. People visiting a webpage are fascinated by innovative designs and pathbreaking features. It makes the portal look attractive, thereby attracting more traffic. Moreover, they are compatible to mobile gadgets. Minute details on the website are visible on mobile phones. These websites are adaptable to all display sizes and hence, the company can reach out to a larger section of people. It is crucial for marketing and broadens the customer base of firms.

    Responsive websites are equally compatible with laptops, desktops, mobiles, smartphones and other devices. According to a statistic, 56% of the internet users in the US use mobile phones to get access to webpage. The figure is similar in other countries as well. Therefore, the web designers need to ensure enough flexibility to make them compatible to all possible platforms. And this is the important characteristic for the devices and screen sizes searchers will use to access your site.

    Another important cause for popularity of responsive web design is that people are increasingly switching to mobile devices for online shopping. This virtual marketplace has to be easily accessible to all the users. Therefore, it is wise to design the website for mobile gadgets and responsive web design for business goes well with up-to date mobile phones.

  3. Improved user experience (UX) boosts up brand image

  4. It is of prime importance to ensure seamless navigation of the websites. It enhances the overall user experience, which, in turn, leverages the brand image of respective companies. Responsive designs are easy to use. You would never want your website to look awkward to the users. Responsive websites do not show problems while scrolling or zooming. The users can handle the webpage and make relevant searches without any hassle. When they access from their mobile phones, they will enjoy equal benefits as the desktop users. And it provides better user experience for the visitors. Automatically it keeps your website engaged.

    Websites on mobile devices take a long time to load sometimes, if the same version is available for both the desktop and mobile versions. When you incorporate responsive web designs done by an affordable website design company with proven expertise, you will not face these issues. You can deliver a far better experience to your customers, whether you own an eCommerce site or an ordinary one. They can enjoy all the features without any hitch when you incorporate responsive web designs. Also you must follow the proven tips to enhance the user experience while designing the website.

  5. Mobile friendly website

  6. Responsive web design is not only about compatible of screens and resizable images, but rather about a whole new approach to web design.

    You must be aware of the immense benefits of search engine optimization. Well, a responsive website promotes SEO and in turn, you will enjoy better search engine rankings. First of all, these webpages take a shorter time to load. As much as 47% of the internet users expect webpage to load in just two seconds. In these cases, the time needed for your pages to load need to be considered. Slow websites frustrate the customers and they flee to other sites. Evidently, responsive designs are ideal for SEO purposes. In mobile devices, different elements of the page, including images are optimized and this enables the users to open the website much faster. It cuts down the time requirements and ensure a seamless experience to the users.

    Secondly, the websites which load fast are preferred by the Google algorithms and they enjoy a higher ranking in the searches. Therefore, you can directly get a boost in your rankings and grow your business when you opt for professional responsive web development services. These websites are recommended by Google to more mobile users.

    The ‘mobile first’ philosophy of Google complements this strategy and you can immensely benefit from responsive designs. Particularly, when your customers go for local searches, these designs are more effective for mobile users. And understand the recommendation of Google; and make a mobile friendliness site, which improves ranking in search engine results.

  7. Responsive websites promote social media marketing

  8. Brands from different industries are opting for social media marketing. In these cases, they expect a classy set-up to get across to their clients. If you want to conduct a balanced social media campaign, a responsive webpage can complement all your efforts. It is possible to incorporate all the design principles that make a webpage effective in responsive websites. A reliable statistic reveals that nearly 80% of the social media users use mobile gadgets for internet access. Therefore, you need to opt only for responsive web designing and development services for availing the benefits. For instance, if you share links of your website on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites, chances are high that people will open the links and know about your products and service.

    Well, people often browse the social media pages at their leisure hours. Therefore, you need to keep the users engaged with your webpages through social media pages. Certain customers do not prefer opening official pages of websites through desktops. Rather, they opt for mobile gadgets and social media sites to access these portals. Thus, it is essential for a successful social media campaign.

In case you are willing to expand your business and grow your customer base, it will leverage your business. It is one of the key strategies for digital marketing. So Business owners understand the importance and benefits of using responsive design. You can stay afloat in the competitive scenario when you hire a trusted responsive web design company. In this regard MAP Systems can surely be the right choice. Need more details? Contact us directly.

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