Website Design - 8 Proven Ways to Enhance User Experience

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Website is a reflection of the way its owner wishes to engage with potential audiences. As such, the design should be emphatic enough to capture the attention of visitors and to improve user engagements. Adherence to proven designing tips while building the site ensures that brand’s image is irrevocably embedded in the minds of visitors. This facilitates easy remembrance of brand when an opportune moment shows up in the lives of visitors. Unique brand image crafted by distinctive site design conveys a lasting impression on visitors.

We are sharing some of the golden criteria for effective web design here. Following them would help creation of irresistible web pages that would convince audiences spontaneously.

improve user experience on website
  1. Mapping the reasons for building the website

    This initial step is of paramount important but usually overlooked. Unless one has clear understanding of the underlying theme of the site, a compelling experience cannot be delivered to audiences. Start by interacting with the site owner to figure out the objectives he wants to materialize through the site. This would help you plan the flow of the content right from landing page through the ‘call to action’ to check out section. It would also help in offering audiences a coherent browsing feel with logical design.

  2. Chalking out the layout of the site

    Next important step is to strategically plan the layout of the site. This is important to facilitate ease of navigation through the pages, intuitive browsing, and making visitors land on pages that can generate more business for website owner. Pointers and arrows to indicate the path should be provided along with site map.

  3. Enhancing user experience with appealing colors

    Using garish colors would distract the visitor at the first instance. The color scheme chosen should complement the brand’s overall perception among visitors. Colors should create an atmospheric effect that would motivate visitors to spend more time browsing the site.

  4. Making in-site browsing easy and intuitive

    Focus on UX improvements. Refrain from using complicated buttons and complex navigation mechanisms that would perplex visitors. Keep the overall transition process simple regardless of the web design methods followed. Clear and visible indicators and markers should be provided to help audiences jump to the desired page without feeling stuck up.

  5. Providing adequate and relevant information

    If the site focuses on brand’s products, each product should be accompanied by alluring pictures and interesting descriptions along with other pertinent information. No gibberish should be allowed. The motto should be to offer a holistic experience to the visitor and compel him subliminally to make a purchase or subscribe to the service offered.

  6. Enhancing the readability quotient

    One of the pivotal principles of good web design is to ensure good readability. Each product or service description should be legible and must be published in standard font of right size. If the words have been wrapped around an image or video, the same should be in proper structured manner and justified for ease of reading. A standard plan should be followed across the site to offer a uniform experience to visitors.

  7. Improving the responsive index of the site

    Having a proper responsive web design strategy is something really crucial. Due to unprecedented penetration of smartphones among masses and plummeting data charges, most users prefer to browse websites on mobiles. The site should have a responsive design i.e. it must intuitively adapt to the screen, resolution, browser and other parameters of the device in which it is being viewed. You should be acquainted with all major responsive web design dos and don'ts.

  8. Optimizing the loading time of the site

    This is vital to sustain the interest of visitors in the website. The images and codes must be arranged in a simple manner that would facilitate instant loading of the site on the browser. Else, audiences would not hesitate in shifting loyalties and moving away to site’s competitors. So, proper techniques must be implemented to minimize page load time.


Your web design strategy must be inspired by afore-discussed suggestions. This would help in creating an engaging web experience for users and spell recurring profits for site’s owner. Seeking assistance from any of the top rated website design companies would definitely be of help.

If you are still struggling with maintaining the flow and organization of your website, then try the second option of seeking assistance from one of the top-rated website design companies in the world. However, make sure that the companies you choose have achieved proficiency in offering responsive web design services and web development services. The combo of the two services will definitely help you in boosting user interactions and in bringing maximum profits for your site as well as your organization.