Provided 3D interior rendering support to a Norway-based
interior design company

About The client

We were contacted by a prominent interior designing firm based in Norway. The client wanted us to create photorealistic renders of indoor spaces of a latest villa project for which he served as one of the interior designing partners. He was looking for quick closures and so he wanted life-like renders of indoor spaces of villas so as to be able to impress his clients and make them avail his firm’s service.

Architectural 3d rendering for interior designing


The client demanded outcomes to be delivered to him within a very short turnaround time. We were asked to create 6 types of design combinations for every functional area of a villa. This was quite challenging both in terms of creativity and timelines. The client also emphasized the importance of quality and put ‘results’ as the main judging criterion.


We created 2 groups and each group delivered 3 types of design solutions for every functional area of a sample villa. Each group consisted of 4 professionals and this further ensured the brainstorming of innovative design ideas. No design was similar to each other; every design for every room was unique.


The client was thoroughly impressed with the outcomes. The results were photorealistic and the designs were extraordinary, which worked together to give the indoor spaces a life-like appeal. The client could use these interior design renders to sell his design ideas faster and to bag the deals. His prospective customers were thrilled to see every combination of colors and textures and were highly uplifted to imagine how their dream homes should look like. The designs gave them an in-depth idea about the different combinations and furniture alignment that they can think of, which in turn allowed the interior designing firm to convince their clients easily to do business with it.

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