How we handled a complex project of a boston based
publishing house with our eBook conversion services

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Project in Brief

We received an inquiry from a leading publishing house based in Boston, USA. The client approached us for our ebook conversion services for a complex project that they were stuck with and wanted a professional service.

Talking about the project complexity, it was on the higher side compared to other ebook formation and conversion projects. However, the client knew that we have a team of experts who take complexities as a challenge and bring out beautiful outputs. The client was on board with us for the second time.

About the Client

The client who contacted us for their second ebook conversion project was a leading publishing house based in Boston, United States.

Just like the previous project, the client wanted us to take this project as this time it was a bit complex, and they wanted an interactive ebook conversion out of it to make the content engaging for their readers.

The Project Requirements & Challenges


  • The client wanted us to convert their content into an ebook in epub format to give it the most updated look.
  • They wanted us to add important elements during the conversion like- interactive elements, short videos, backlinked pages, annotations, footnotes with meanings and more.
  • They wanted us to focus on readability and make the whole conversion seamless.


  • The project came with certain challenges, like the conversion was to be done in a similar format as per the content provided and that too in a four-column page layout.
  • They wanted us to convert 2000+ pages in a short time as they were due for a launch in the industry.

Our Solution

We provided multi-fold solutions to the client based on the challenges they shared with us, and we started with a detailed discussion with the client to understand how they wanted us to work; however, the client gave us full creative liberty.

The solutions we provided considering the requirements and challenges are as follows

  • Our conversion experts strived to make it work for the four-column page layout, keeping aside all the complexities and creating an aesthetically beautiful layout, and the content was beautifully placed.
  • Though we had a very limited time for the project completion, we worked to the best of our capabilities to wind it up in the given timeframe and deliver it on time.
  • We converted the content so that it was compatible with all the new and old reading devices and eReaders.
  • We ensured that the conversion was error-free by conducting multiple rounds of quality checks to eradicate the scope of any loss of words or content during conversion.
  • As per the requirements, we added all the relevant elements in the ebook and created it in the latest format of the epub.

The Result

After looking at the aesthetics of the ebook we shared with them, the client was speechless and said that we were their trust winners for the second time.

The ebook was downloaded and liked by many readers, and they received positive feedback in bulk from them. The client is a patron now of the epublishing services provided by MAPSystems.

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