Delivered professional virtual staging service to a Brazil-based client


MAPSystems took up a virtual staging project for a client in Salvador, Brazil. The client owned a private residence in the outskirts of the city. He contacted us via email and enquire about our real estate virtual staging services. We offered a detailed consultation with the clients concerning his project requirements and our service plans. After receiving all the information, he decided to work with us and asked us to undertake the project.

Virtual Staging


The client wanted to use virtual home staging for presenting his property in the most appealing way to potential buyers. He also wanted to employ real estate photo editing to make sure that the staged images were of high-quality. However, the main challenge was that it was really difficult to sell the home even after its renovation. The property was rejected by many buyers, who all said that it looked gloomy and eerie.

Our main aim was to elevate the overall look of the property, including the interiors as well as exteriors. Since the client opted for virtual furniture staging, we decided to offer them different furniture selections and decorative elements that can give an inviting feel to the home. The client also requested furniture photo editing so that the whole arrangement in the home looks professional and appealing. In addition to that, we suggested him to go for our virtual tour services to improve the online market presence of the property and retain the attention of the viewers. He agreed to it as soon as he got to see some of our samples.

A few other reasons which also led the client to trust us are:

  • MAPSystems’ reputation as a world-class provider of photo editing and virtual staging services.
  • Cost-effective pricing modules and project delivery within the fastest TAT.
  • Complete the project within the given timeline without compromising on quality.
  • A team of industry-best professionals to handle the project.
  • Guaranteed accuracy, quality, and management of project regardless of complexity.


The challenges faced by our 3D designers and graphic experts are

  • The deadline given by the client was tough. He gave us 48 hours to stage the furniture for the property and edit the images along with creating a high-quality virtual tour. Since the deadline was short, it was quite pressurizing for our team.
  • The photographs given by the client had major issues with lighting, angle, and contrast. We needed to correct all these issues while carrying out a few enhancements to improve the quality of images. We also had to arrange the furniture items in the property so that it projected a warm and inviting feel.
  • Finally, after the editing was done, we needed to combine and arrange it in an engaging way to create 360-degree virtual tours. The client also requested us to send the draft so that he can suggest revisions if needed for the final tour.
  • Since some of the angles were not covered in the images provided, we had to organize meetings with the client to provide us with further inputs. This took time, which was again pressurizing for us as there was no extension in the deadline.


The work process first started with collecting the details about the client’s project. A few materials given to us by the client were images of the house, a video showcasing interiors and exteriors for reference, types of furnishing or home décor items to use, feedbacks of the potential buyers who visited the property via email, etc. We thoroughly analyzed the requirements and inputs and devised a plan for executing the project.

The different steps we took for effectively carrying out the project and overcoming its challenges are:

  • We ensured transparency so that the client as well as the team is aware of the progress of the project and can communicate with each other when required.
  • The team assigned for the project was supplied with dedicated resources and advanced software.
  • To ensure that the deadline won’t be a problem, the project manager divided the tasks and assigned them to different teams.
  • All unnecessary elements as well as imperfections were removed from the images. It was followed by staging the home with their choice of furniture and décor elements.
  • The final images were sent to the client for verification. After it was approved, a rough draft was prepared for the virtual tour and again sent to the client.
  • Thankfully, the client approved the virtual tour in the first look, and we immediately started working on it for its completion.


The project was a success! We were informed by the client that the property was sold within a week after it went online. He was extremely happy and told us that he will consider us for his future projects as well.

Just like the client, the success of the project was also beneficial to us. We learned a lot from this experience, especially the management of time. We have handled similar projects in the past, but the experience was quite different from the others. We also learned to optimize the communication process between the client and the executives. Now, we can ensure that every time we take up a project, we will make the work process clear and coherent.

If you too have any virtual staging related requirements, reach us anytime.

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