Digital Prepress case studies

We are extremely practiced in offering print ready solutions, regardless of the complexity of book. Our areas of forte cover typesetting, content digitization, copy-editing and proofreading. Achieving a precision of more than 95% is a good thing in digital prepress; we go further and achieve more than 99% of accuracy. Multiple levels of quality checks are done before final work delivery.

scanning old manuscripts case study

Project: Digitization of Old Manuscripts for an Australian Historical Research Institute

Challenges confronted: The client wanted an extremely high degree of accuracy almost 99.9% and there was no scope for any discrepancies. The obviating of OCR devices compelled us to choose another potent means to secure the optimum accuracy standards.


typesetting case study

Project: Typesetting Services for Technical Genre Books

Challenges confronted: The task was a cumbersome one as it demanded swiftness and perfection to the core. Moreover, technical genres take a lot of time. Time given was short and obviously no compromise in quality could be tolerated. Budget constraint was also a challenge.


Document scanning services

Project: Document Scanning Services for US Based Company

Challenges confronted: The project was a bit challenging. First of all the books were very old; scanning had to be done for materials in delicate state. Most of the pages had stains and were yellow coloured.


Old books are digitized using OCR technology

Project: Rare & Old Books Are Digitized Using OCR Technology

Challenges confronted: The number of pages collectively in all the books of the library ran in excess of 50,000. Some of the books dated back to 19th century and early 20th century. The fragile condition of the old books was a cause of concern as extra efforts were needed to handle them.


Bulk Copy Editing

Project: How Our Editorial Services Helped a Zurich Based Publishing House With Bulk Copy Editing

Challenges confronted: During a discussion with our team, they informed us about their copyediting challenges and how they faced issues in getting the correct editing and proofreading for the content in various languages.


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