Budget is a main concern for businesses of all types, let it be small budding one or a gigantic established one. We understand the same and our obligation towards customers is to assure that we avail them most cost-effective solutions while maintaining the quality top-notch.

Parameters on which pricing depends

Size of projects

If you have a huge volumes of books to convert, thousands of photos to edit or hundreds of model to create, our rates will be genuinely reduced to keep you comfortable.

Complexity of processes involved

Obviously, we consider the time, taken, effort involved and resources utilized before charging of customers. Prices vary based on the level of complexity. Some projects can be done with ease, pace and by lesser people. In such cases, price will be reduced drastically.


If your requirements are intimated at short notice, firstly before taking the work we assure that our team can meet the stiff deadline you have demanded. In such cases, we have to take extra effort and burn more midnight oil. So, the rates might be much higher.

Loyal customers are valued

If you have been with us and keep on returning to us thus retaining the business relationship, you will definitely enjoy subsidized rates. There are separate rate charts for you that will surely keep you delighted.

MAPSystems knows that every requirement is not the same, no matter how much similar the projects are. So, we have multiple packages created prudently to accommodate the budget limitations and needs of all categories of clients. You can either select one from among them or else we will custom make packages for you based on the precise needs you have intimated to us.

Now and then, we keep on offering special offers and festive offers. Stay in touch to grab such deals.