Magazine Cover Designs - 4 Different Types

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A simple and neat cover is not enough for your digital book to get noticed and serve the intended purpose. The market place is getting more and more crowded and a strategically designed cover is inevitable. By this, you can get new readers and retain the existing ones. Lend your eyes on to the different magazine types cover design.

Image based magazine covers

magazine cover design ideas

In such faces, there may a single or few people, most of the times smiling on to the camera. Some of the common examples to the said are fashion, men’s and celebrity magazines; there obviously are exceptions. Travel books have beautiful landscapes while cook books have any of the amazingly snapped delicious meals.

Illustration based magazine covers

illustration based magazine cover design

Earlier, illustration magazine covers enjoyed high popularity. The New Yorker ever since it started publishing in 1925 has kept its cover design unchanged. Nowadays illustrations focus on presenting something unique, extraordinary or funny. However, lesser ones use illustrations and those that use are mostly the ones that are independently published. Few among them also use illustrations that are computer generated.

Type based magazine covers

typography based magazine cover design

A strategic typography magazine cover design can convey message and convince audience much better than images. The results can be striking owing to the type beauty. Such covers too are rare these days but are seen more than the illustrated ones. In coming years, there is a chance for increase in popularity of this as modern calligraphy and handwritten letter forms are gaining huge acceptance.

Concept based magazine covers

concept based magazine cover design

This approach amalgamates the all the above mentioned approaches. The way you use it determines its effectiveness. Your audience should easily comprehend the message or concept and making that happen is not easy as it seems. Such efforts are seen usually in independent magazines, news weekly and business journals etc.

The magazine design companies consider many factors before determining the type. The way to do things when it comes to digital screens is never the same as designing for print media. Also the nature of your publication, target audience, geographical location focuses etc. is relevant. Not only the cover but also the magazine layout design services is carried out considering all these things.


There are two options for you. First, you can take a DIY approach and use predesigned magazine cover template for your project. Second, you can seek professional help. There are many service providers that create attractive magazine layouts and page designs; the looks may be great but not always operative. It’s not merely about the colours and hues but suitability to the specific message that the book intends to communicate. Only the best graphic designing services companies can assist you with appropriate designs and magazine covers examples.