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5 best ways to attract digital magazine readers

With the advent of technology more and more sophisticated devices with both smaller and huge screens are intruding the digital scene making it harder for designers to adapt to each one of them. Even though vertical reflow assists in controlling the reading experience it has its limitations. We are therefore putting forward few tips which can help to provide an immersive reading experience that can override the said pitfalls.

Eye catching headlines

Simple but striking headlines often control the reader’s mind. Even though this technique is a bit old, it is fairly straightforward and clear than using a picture to provide an impact. Notable graphic design companies use several tricks in this regard by seeking the assistance of expert content writers.


Highlight an imposing image

Featuring an image that is precisely parallel to the content helps to covert a causal reader into a diehard fan. Researches have proved that most of the readers love to double click the image so that a full sized view is available. Thus is the impact that is provided by images which suit the content.


Using videos

Combining breath taking video effects not only help to provide an overall view of the magazine content but a thrilling aspect of cutting edge motion technology as well. It is usually helpful for providing content that is available in that. Enhancing digital reading experience using video embedding technology is one of the prime digital magazine tips that most of the professional service providers embrace.


Usage of an image with movable text

An attractive feature named layering helps designers to control more of a stationary image with resizable and scrollable text. Thus by allowing the text to scroll, it helps readers to keep the important image at bay while moving the text to keep the fluidic reading experience alive.


Experiment using techniques

Some or all of the above said techniques have to be mixed to give shape and form to a successful magazine. Best among the graphic designing companies that are involved in providing magazine design services rely on image and text manipulations to create a live magazine which entices its readers.


If you are unsure about how to design a digital magazine, then it is wise to get assistance from some of the best graphic design companies. It’s really operative and worth the investment.

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