Top Platforms for Real Estate to Promote Listings (2024)

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Online platforms and networking sites have become indispensable mediums for all mainstream businesses to reach their target audience. At present, there are over 4.76 billion social media users worldwide. Given the massive popularity of these channels and the millions of social media users, it is easier for marketers to use them as leverage.

Best Platforms for Realtors to Promote Listings

The same applies to the real estate industry’s digital marketing. But out of a multitude of such sites, which are the best online platforms for realtors? Which platform generates the most leads? This article will give all the answers!

If you are a real estate agent, broker, property dealer, or real estate firm owner, stick with us until the end. Today we will discuss the various Internet platforms that work best for property dealers. Let’s begin!

The top 13 online platforms and networking sites for real estate agents in 2024

In recent years, the world has become much more digital than it used to be. Most businesses are now done online, giving way to online commerce, or eCommerce. Networking sites and marketplaces also have a major role to play in that. Considering 96% of home buyers search online for their dream property, it is likely for real estate agents to capitalize on the popularity of these digital channels.

With the rising number of networking websites and users, brands are availing themselves of them. Mostly because it’s relatively easier to target demographics online than through other conventional marketing activities.

In such a scenario, it is imperative that real estate agencies also actively utilize networking sites and forums, mainly for better growth and to build brand awareness. It’s no surprise that making your online presence effective is vital for any mainstream business at present.

But the trick is to find the right one. Instead of juggling between multiple platforms, finding the appropriate one and using its full potential is what matters. The detailed list below will give any realtor a proper guide to where to focus their efforts.

  • Platform #1. Facebook

    Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms for real estate agents, considering the large number of users (2.85 billion global users) it has. Besides, the various Facebook tactics one can avail themselves of for property listings are admirable.

    Why must real estate dealers leverage Facebook?

    • The platform has in-built marketing tools that enable realtors to target specific audiences.
    • Facebook lead ads are heavily targeted and locally focused. Helps massively in brand building and generating awareness.
    • A new feature, “Facebook Neighborhoods for Business”, helps target particular neighborhoods and demographics.
    • Facebook Groups are community-centric and can be used to reach out to thousands of individuals from the same local area.
    • Using Facebook Marketplace for property listings is also a great idea. It has dedicated sections - “Property Rentals Available” and “Houses for Sale”. For any property dealer or even an individual wishing to sell their house, Marketplace is a good “place” to start.
    • Facebook Messenger, the all-in-one tool to foster connection and connect with interested buyers. This mostly works for leads who prefer messages over phone calls.
    • Facebook Live can be used for real-time pitches, giving a virtual walkthrough or virtual tour of the property.
    • Lastly, Facebook Events - Another great tool the platform offers for inviting followers for open houses or virtual staging.
  • Platform #2. Instagram

    Riding just a little behind Facebook with 1.35 billion active users, Instagram is another highly potential tool for realtors. Instagram has garnered tremendous popularity among millennials, encompassing a chunk of modern-age customers.

    Stats say 6 people out of 10 check Instagram every day, with an average engagement time spent of 53 minutes.

    Why must realtors leverage Instagram?

    • Best for posting high-quality property photos, along with 3D-rendered property visuals.
    • 15 seconds quality videos and walkthrough animations of the properties.
    • The “Story” feature can be used to showcase listings, key USPs, and dawn-to-dusk photos, to entice and attract leads.
    • Instagram Ads - best for promoting upcoming open houses.
    • Short teaser videos to ignite the curiosity of home buyers.
    • Instagram Reels - best for quick engagement and virality, as well as promoting your brand and listings.
    • Like Facebook Live, Instagram Live also has a mass appeal.
  • Platform #3. Pinterest

    Pinterest is surely an underrated online platform compared to the first two. However, statistics say most new-age consumers actively use Pinterest for online searches. Be it cosmetics, restaurants, apparel, or homes - Pinterest is their go-to option.

    Why must realtors leverage Pinterest?

    • This online visual-based platform has over 460 million MAU (Monthly Active Users), which makes it a potential ground to look for leads.
    • Pinterest is primarily image-based; hence, realtors can upload high-quality property images for better traction. For the best impact, it is recommended to use real estate photo editing services that can enhance property images much better.
    • More than 85% of women use Pinterest, which is the primary driving factor in searching for beautiful homes.
    • Backlinks from the images can act as excellent lead-generation devices.
    • Pins can be cross-posted on other channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

    In a nutshell, although Pinterest doesn’t have a huge user base like Facebook, it has a great core, niche community. Hence, if used wisely for targeting niche demographics, real estate professionals can drive some good leads to their websites.

  • Platform #4. YouTube

    YouTube falls into a certain category of online video streaming platforms that are mainly video-first. It goes without saying that videos work admirably for any kind of promotion. Fascinating 3D walkthroughs, virtually staged rooms, different types of panoramas, and aerial and 360° shots are highly recommended for any realtor.

    Moreover, as social proof, customer testimonials, case studies, and reviews can also be converted into videos and uploaded on YouTube channels for better brand building.

    Why must real estate dealers leverage YouTube?

    • Posting virtual tours, drone videos, time-lapses, personal branding videos, and neighborhood videos works best for YouTube. These content formats drive major organic traffic.
    • YouTube Live can be used for live Q&A sessions.
    • Sellers can post Shorts for a better connection with the younger audience. The Shorts can showcase engaging clips of the property, amenities, the locality, nearby attractions, and more.
    • Video descriptions and meta tags can be optimized for Google search.
    • Engaging YouTube thumbnails compel viewers to stop and click on your video. Professionally designed thumbnails can give an interesting glimpse of your property, engaging the viewers.

    To create maximum visibility for your property listings, hire an external real estate video editing service provider who can deliver the best-edited property videos.

  • Platform #5. TikTok

    The world is thriving on micro-content at present. More than full-length videos, short-form 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds video contents are making the most mark with new-gen consumers. Although TikTok might seem like a casual platform for serious business, it can surely drive more traction than one can imagine.

    Utilizing this micro-video-based platform to its full potential is a great way to engage with future buyers. Professionally edited TikTok videos can bring amazing success to real estate agents. Notably, during the pandemic, real estate agents realized the importance of this fastest-growing social media channel for showcasing properties to interested buyers.

    Why must property sellers utilize TikTok?

    • TikTok has a strong niche that can be used to target a certain demographic and put up listings.
    • TikTok Trends can be capitalized on to create buzz and get the most engagement. These social media trends for real estate reach the masses like fire.
    • Take inspiration from the content that shows up on your FYP (For You Page).
    • Use the most popular TikTok hashtags and audio for massive engagement. These audios enhance audience engagement manifold and ensure people connect with you.
    • Post house tours; these virtual videos are very effective in sparking an instant interest in your property among the audience.
    • Realtors can upload behind-the-scenes or “a day in the life”- style short content. These usually show day-to-day activities. This might sound simple, but such content are highly effective on TikTok.
    • Lastly, use the viral TikTok memes. Realtors must combine information with entertainment and upload “infotainment” content on TikTok to reach their potential prospects.
  • Platform #6. LinkedIn

    Although LinkedIn cannot be deemed an ideal social media channel for property dealers mainly because of its B2B nature, it is still an ideal place for networking and building rapport with fellow realtors. It is like a digital resume for agents to reach out to brokers, lenders, business owners, home movers and relocators, etc.

    A CEO of a company looking for new office space can view your posts and profile. Basically, it is a professional atmosphere for corporate higher-ups, and getting recommendations from them surely works wonders.

    How can property dealers and brokers utilize LinkedIn?

    • Create a professional company profile and optimize it with a proper bio, banner, location, and contact details.
    • Reach out and send Connect requests to professionals in your niche.
    • Share the important achievements your company makes. Showcase the events in video format to create an organic relationship with your audience.
    • Upload concise case studies and add a link back to your website.
    • It is important to create a separate personal LinkedIn account for better trust-building.
    • Run LinkedIn ad campaigns targeting the relevant demographic.
    • Engage in interaction and start conversations in relevant LinkedIn groups for visibility.
    • Follow relevant groups and profiles for better visibility.
  • Platform #7. Twitter

    Twitter is the go-to digital heaven for professionals, as well as celebrities and influencers. Twitter features an age group of 25-30 and up, and is saturated with industry news. Realtors can capitalize on this and utilize the insights in their property listings.

    Twitter is also a great social media channel to engage with potential buyers and promote your brand. The main trick is to search for the appropriate tweets and reply to them.

    How can property dealers and brokers utilize Twitter?

    • Realtors can add high-quality images of the property they want to sell, along with enticing real estate videos.
    • Customer testimonials and case studies in video format can be uploaded to boost brand credibility.
    • GIFs and information-centric infographics must be added for engagement.
    • A lot of retweets must be done on relevant topics and tweets. This creates a network.
    • Optimize the profile in such a way that any location-based search shows your tweets in the top results.
    • More and more question-based tweets (polls) must be done to generate replies. Twitter’s algorithm favors these “replies” specifically.

    All these steps are mostly manual; if done meticulously, the activities can generate a lot of traction and organic leads. Most Twitter users are 30-49 years old (almost over 26%) and ideal home buyers. Also, Twitter is a good place to figure out the hot topics in the market.

  • Platform #8. Snapchat

    Snapchat might not be the ideal social media platform for real estate, but the quirky platform has its own potential. Like TikTok, Snapchat is fairly new in the game and has quickly solidified itself among the young crowd. The micro video-based social media channel is a great way to build a brand, create buzz, and reach the audience engagingly.

    How can real estate professionals use Snapchat?

    • They can post “snaps” or videos and add them to their stories. A series of snaps is called a “streak” (Snapstreak), and it is recommended not to break the streak for the sake of consistency.
    • Leverage viral trends, memes, and pop culture. As we know, instilling a healthy dose of humor in any marketing activity is always a good idea.
    • Upload high-quality and detailed property images. 3D-rendered property visuals are the best. Also, aerial highlights, 3D floor plans, 360° virtual tours, and drone shots are highly recommended.

    To ensure maximum quality for all these images, it’s always better to collaborate with a professional photo post-production agency. Professional real estate image retouching agencies offer high-end photo editing services like:

    • HDR bracketed images
    • Day-to-dusk
    • Sky and lawn replacement
    • Lens distortion removal
    • Perspective correction
    • Adding fire to fireplace
    • Virtual furniture staging
    • TV image replacement
    • Pool cleaner replacement

    - and so on.

  • Platform #9. Nextdoor

    NextDoor is a unique hyperlocal social networking community primarily built on neighborhood relationships. Although it started a decade back, NextDoor has recently been used for property deals with proven results.

    This platform is designed to create connections within certain neighborhoods and is a great place to start for first-timers in the real estate business. Nextdoor is also ideal for individual property sellers wishing to sell off their houses within the neighborhood.

    As of 2024, the app connects 2,53,000+ neighborhoods worldwide, serving 90% of US neighborhoods!

    How can realtors avail themselves of the NextDoor platform?

    • Use the one-touch “Personal Messaging” feature to send personalized messages to a group member.
    • Upload photos and web links of the property; share more information on your listings and USPs.
    • Post events, such as an open house, to generate interest among potential leads.
    • Connect directly with the neighbors via custom direct emails or newsletters.
    • Sellers can seek recommendations from nearby service providers, building credibility.
    • Also, offer recommendations for setting up a referral network. Since fewer scams and trolls exist on this hyperlocal community platform, it’s easier to instill confidence in prospects.
  • Platform #10. Active Rain

    Somewhat similar to LinkedIn’s business model, Active Rain is another networking platform specifically made for real estate professionals. Realtors can harness the potential of this platform to generate brand awareness as well as improve their knowledge.

    Active Rain is not exactly for selling properties but is ideal for connecting with other professionals. The site has over 300,000 registered professionals from the real estate sector, making it one of the largest community platforms. These veterans actively share their insights and experiences with beginners in property transactions.

    How can real estate marketers leverage Active Rain?

    • Connect with experienced marketers and seek their insights and hands-on expertise.
    • Contribute informative blogs consistently that build your credibility and show you as an industry expert.
    • Attend Zoom meetings where experienced professionals talk about different topics in the property market, answering various questions, etc.
    • Comment on relevant discussion threads to create brand awareness.
    • Share property listings with high-quality images and videos.
    • Share a blog about your listings and highlight the key features and USPs.
  • Platform #11. Zillow Premier Agent

    Zillow Premier Agent is a platform that has massive outreach and connects over 194 million individuals. It is an ideal platform for property agents to connect with qualified leads. Through a robust Zillow listing agent profile, agents can directly interact with buyers looking for a suitable property. Ideal for all brokers and agents for placing property ads and listings.

    How can property dealers utilize Zillow Premier Agent?

    • The platform’s in-built “Automated Advertising” feature shares ads automatically on the seller’s behalf. No manual intervention is required.
    • The “My Agent” feature allows sellers to connect exclusively with their leads for a period of 30 days. During this time, they can nurture the lead through the sales funnel, leading to a purchase.
    • The built-in CRM feature and dashboard give useful insights into the active searches made by the leads and how many properties they have viewed and saved. The contacts of the leads are sent directly to the sellers’ inbox, with the exact details of the kind of property the leads have searched for.
    • Personalized conversion metrics and feedback are available to the sellers to check the performance of their listings.
    • The “ROI Report” feature breaks down the commission earned, the listing value, and how well their ZIP codes perform.
  • Platform #12. Houzz

    Houzz is another best social media platform for property professionals and homeowners/buyers. The platform connects both parties in a systemic and streamlined way, adding value to the listings. Houzz not only helps realtors connect with prospects but also helps them create a wider audience.

    Property-selling agencies and individuals can build their reputation and authority in the real estate domain with Houzz.

    How can property sellers leverage Houzz?

    • The best feature of Houzz is “Houzz Ideabooks”, a community place where home buyers and sellers share their ideas and connect.
    • Through Ideabooks, prospects can find ideal locations based on their filtered searches.
    • Sellers need to enhance their Ideabooks with enticing real estate photos. The best way is to hire an external agency for high-end photo editing that will embellish the property images.
    • Brand building through writing reviews: home sellers can write comprehensive and concise reviews about other fellow professionals. This will help build their brand and establish them as industry experts.
  • Platform #13. Bigger Pockets

    BiggerPockets is another fast-growing social networking site designed for real estate investors. BiggerPockets imparts valuable knowledge in real estate investment through podcasts, webinars, blogs, virtual boot camps, and more.

    Leveraging this unique platform’s resources, novice investors can find their feet in this competitive industry. BiggerPockets is best for getting mentorship from professionals (over 2 million experienced members) and learning the best practices, tips, and tricks.

    How can realtors use BiggerPockets?

    • Build a network through the BiggerPockets forum, where most members talk and discuss industry news, best practices and share their personal experiences.
    • BiggerPockets Pro account can be leveraged to get unlimited access to more valuable content and downloadable resources like guides, videos, podcasts, etc.
    • Before investing money in a real estate project, investors can calculate the risks, returns, and profits through a variety of built-in calculators on the platform.
    • With the Pro account, users can also have exclusive access to two new tools: RentRedi, a rental property management platform, and Invelo, a one-stop solution tool for real estate investment.


It’s time to wind up our article about making the most of social media platforms for real estate professionals. Hope you have got an in-depth idea about the great potential social media channels have in the sector. Also, the best ways realtors can use these channels to drive better growth and organic leads.

Out of all the thirteen social media platforms for realtors, each has its own benefits and features. One has to be calculative while selecting one of those or implementing a mix of all of them. Regardless of which social media channel property agents use, high-quality real estate images and videos are mandatory to sell properties. These digital assets create engagement, build brand credibility, and attract eyeballs to property listings.

So get started with uploading your listings and identifying the best tool for your business. Also, find a reliable partner to outsource your real estate image retouching and property video editing requirements. Good luck!