How Ghost Mannequin Service Boosts the Growth of Online Fashion Stores?

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There’s a cut-throat competition in the online fashion industry to win more customers and one of the best ways to assure it is by showcasing your products in the most appealing and desirable form. An option that has been quite popular within the online fashion stores to achieve the same is by using ghost mannequin services.

So, what do ghost mannequin services mean? A ghost mannequin service provider is mainly concerned with ghost mannequin photo editing, which is a technique used by brands to display better product images. We know this definition wasn’t helpful enough. But, don’t worry! That’s why you have this article. Go through it thoroughly to learn all about ghost mannequin photography editing in detail.

ghost mannequin image editing benefits

What is ghost mannequin?

Ghost mannequin is a photo post-production technique where you take multiple pictures of a product on the mannequin or model, and then combine the pictures to remove the mannequin or model respectively. This results in a life-like product image, where only the product is showcased without any element of distraction.

The ghost mannequin effect is sometimes referred to as invisible mannequin or hollow man. The image editing style may look simple but it needs a lot of practice to execute the process efficiently. Otherwise, it can be time-consuming and look unprofessional. That’s why brands mostly depend on professional photo editing companies to carry out ghost mannequin photo editing.

How does ghost mannequin photo editing help in boosting your online fashion business?

In the eCommerce industry, the invisible mannequin effect has a significant impact on potential customers. It can create a positive impression in their minds, furthermore compelling them to make a purchase.

To understand how it helps in boosting an online fashion store, we have listed some of its benefits.

  • Improves product presentation

    Ghost mannequin photo editing can improve the overall presentation of the fashion item, no matter whether it is apparel, shoe, or jewelry. Without investing in a mannequin or a model, you can retain the shape of the products with this effect and make them appear more professional.

    On top of this, there won’t be any distractions in the image, which will ensure that the customer’s focus stays only on the item. Also, by presenting the products in a better way, you can stand out in the competition.

  • Increases image consistency

    3D ghost mannequin service can also increase the consistency of the eCommerce images. It can enable customers to easily compare products and make better choices. This will ultimately help brands to provide a better customer experience, which is one of the best ways to boost the growth of any online fashion store.

  • Costs less than the traditional mannequin setup

    Using ghost mannequin image editing services will surely require a bit of investment. However, the investment you make here will be less as compared to your conventional mannequin setup. Besides, think of the long-term benefits you can receive.

    You don’t have to hire the models again and again or wait for their schedules to carry out the photoshoots. After that, you need to invest again in model photo editing to make sure all images came out perfectly. It would have cost you both time and money.

  • Offers a better understanding of products

    Indeed eCommerce image editing services can help you to enhance your product photos but with ghost mannequins, customers will have a better understanding of your products. The mannequin effect makes it possible by showcasing the style and fit.

    You can buy mannequins of different sizes and styles and sizes to showcase your products in a variety of ways. You can also showcase hidden details like the company logo, collar, fabric hemlines, etc. From a customer’s perspective, they get to understand the style, fit, and types of material used. If you use it wisely, you can get their attention more quickly.

Here are some Ghost Mannequin Photography tips to prepare your images for ghost mannequin editing.

  • Tip 1: Mannequins come in different sizes and shapes. So, select mannequins that can perfectly fit your items. If you have apparel that won’t fit the mannequin perfectly, the photographs won’t look good.
  • Tip 2: While stacking your items on the mannequin, arrange them in the order of your shoot. You can group the ones that match. In that way, you don’t have to adjust the mannequins or pieces from time to time.
  • Tip 3: Select the mannequin modules you would like to detach. For instance, if you have a blazer, you need to showcase the lining. In that case, you can element the chest piece to provide a better look.
  • Tip 4: While putting your item on the mannequin, make sure that it looks flawless. It should appear as if a real person is wearing the item. Fix the creases, dust, or any other visible flaw before the photoshoot starts.
  • Tip 5: Set the correct lighting and exposure to showcase the best features of your product. Ask your photographer to take a range of the shots for the whole item and zoom in where required. The photographer needs to be creative during ghost mannequin photography.


So, from the article, it is quite clear how beneficial ghost mannequin services can be for your online fashion business. But, to make sure you get the benefits, it is crucial that the product images are edited by professionals. For that, you have to rely on a photo editing companies which has prior experience with eCommerce photo editing. Surely it will cost you some bucks but the results will be worth the money.