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Kindle eBooks: How to change font size on eReaders

With the arrival of digital versions for printed books, the reading experience of people improved significantly.This also increased their expectation levels about the e-readers they come across. Various Indian companies providing ePub conversion services make sure to offer the best reading experience for their customers on multiple platforms. As new devices keep on arriving the market place regularly, this is never an easy task.


One of the most annoying things that a reader encounters is the unavailability of good fonts. Amazon provides very few options and modifying the boldness or weight of fonts is disabled, unlike in the case of other devices.

However there is a way by which fonts can be changed on Kindle electronic books about which only experienced and reputed Indian companies are aware of. The process takes very less time and it quite simple as well.

The only feasible formatting technique to use customized fonts is by embedding the font by yourself in the eBook. This can be done easily with Calibre; you don’t even need the assistance of an Indian expert adept in Kindle ePub conversion services.

Steps to be followed

  • Calibre has to be installed into your system together with Apprentice Alf’s DRM removal plugin. You should remove DRM from Kindle eBooks for making any changes to the fonts and for the conversion of file to AZW3 format.

  • After having Calibre setup, you can simply import the Kindle eBooks to Calibre. Then a quick conversion has to be initiated. For downloading eBooks, you can either opt Kindle for PC or there is also an option available at Amazon in the page- Manage Your Content.

  • The Convert Books feature of Calibre can be used for bringing up the option of conversion window. Now you can proceed with conversion process in bulk or one by one.

There are two things that has to be done for changing fonts- Making sure that AZW3 is the output format set is the first thing to be made sure of. Next, you can select the font to be embedded from Look and Feel Tab. There are several fonts available. However, you can also put in your own.

After the Kindle ePub conversion is done, you can simply load the concerned eBook on your device to read it in the font you desire.

A lot of epublishing companies offering kindle ePub conversion services are exist. Seeking assistance from them would also be a good decision to make.

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