Guidelines to Consider While Retouching Real Estate Photos

Real Estate Photo Editing

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Best quality images helps you sell your properties at consummate ease. However, deceptive or false information can pave way for serious trouble. There may be many questions popping up in your mind, when it comes to seeking assistance from a company offering real estate photo retouching services.

real estate photo retouching tips
Real estate photo editing tips

Most of the things in editing real estate images can be classified into two- permanent fixtures and non-permanent fixtures. The former includes elements that have to be retained in the image; they can’t be removed unless a written consent about its removal physically is obtained. The latter can be removed if there are enough details in the image for removing it.

Underlying are some of the most effective tips on retouching real estate photos that every beginners must follow.

  • Grass


    If the grass now seems unpleasant but was looking great 2 weeks ago, you can retouch it. However, if there is a dirt patch, unless it is assured to be re-turfed, it should not be touched up. In case if the grass is not that green because of unfavourable weather conditions but a little water and few sunny days can make it greener, you are allowed to retouch. You can also take the help of lawn replacement services providers to retouch the images

  • Power lines

    Power lines

    You can’t in fact remove the power lines as they are permanent fixtures. At the same time, black and yellow protectors positioned around wires when the lopping of trees are being done can be removed as they are never permanent.

  • Washing lines

    Washing lines

    Sometimes washing lines may be irremovable and cemented. In such cases you can Photoshop it out. So, before working on the same and removing it, get written confirmation from the concerned.

  • Swimming pools

    Swimming pools

    There is no harm in filling the pool with water and removing dirt and leaves. Also you may clean the surrounding area. The best technique followed by those indulged in image editing services is that they retouch the image while keeping in their mind the picture of property as it may look on its best day.

  • House fronts

    House fronts

    You can clean the landscape and remove boats, bins and cars. Details available in the images should be verified before removal of large items is done. When you remove the items, the space should be recreated using details from other images.

  • General dirt and mess

    General dirt and mess

    Both externally as well as internally, general dirt and mess on sandstone surfaces, walls, floors and windows etc. can be cleaned using retouching in case if some cleaning efforts can bring improvements. The same is the case with clutter. However, it’s advisable to do enough styling of property before snapping as it can be relatively more cost-effective. Always ensure that personal items and kept out from the frame.

  • Internal fixtures

    Internal fixtures

    Fixtures can be permanent or temporary. Plug points can’t be removed but the trouble imposed can be eliminated by placing a furniture to hide them. Temporary fixtures can surely be removed through smart photo editing techniques. There are certain government regulations in some countries that prevent photos to show flams in the bedrooms including candles and open fire places.

  • Furniture


    Virtual staging is great, and this enhances the whole grace of a vacant property. You don’t have to hire any furniture or suffer the burden of additional costs. Professionals carrying out image editing for real estate photography bring in needed furniture and fridges, replace the missing fittings, and do everything needed at an affordable virtual staging cost.

  • Walls and floors

    Walls and floors

    In case if the floors and walls are going to be worked upon, these changes can be made to reflect in the photos but only with written permission from the client along with guidance. Colours may however negligibly differ as there are several hundreds of shades for a single primary colour.

  • Neighbours' mess

    Neighbours' mess

    As drone photography has become too common these days, realtors showcase not just the property but also the areas surrounding it. Though the property that is going to be sold can be styled, serious changes to surroundings can’t be made. You may remove the bins, children’s toys and such temporary elements.


It’s time to wind up our detailed guide of best practices of retouching real estate photos. Hope this article will give the photo editors a compact idea of the factors to consider while editing real estate images. Keep the guidelines in mind and continue practicing your workflow. Soon enough, you shall see a visible difference in the final outcome you create.

In case you require professional assistance to offload some of your editing projects, contact an external agency. An external photo editing and post-production service provider can deliver top-notch edited images in a shorter time frame. So team up with any of the professional real estate photo editing companies and grow your client base!