15 June

Creative Designs

Crafting magazine covers that make people yell out wow!

A lot of professionals offering magazine designing services accept the fact that they spend a lot of time for designing covers. This is quite reasonable as it is the cover that gets noticed at the first sight. And yes! We all know how significant it is to create the best possible first impression. A cover should ideally be able to catch attention of the prospective customer, keep his eyes glued and make him pick up your stuff without a second thought.

Being one of the best and most professional magazine design companies out there, today we bring to you some operative tips by which you can create awe-inspiring covers.

Crafting magazine covers design

Text should stand out

Images speak louder than the text but it is inevitable that the text you use along with the pictures stand out. So, it is advisable to use dark text with lighter colours and in case if the cover is dark, lighter text would be ideal. This is important for assuring readability.

Text colour should be wisely choosen

Selecting colour for the text on a cover is something to be done with great care; it is never a random choice to make. The colour should perfectly complement the illustration or photograph in the backdrop.

Experiment with 3D

Magazine covers are defiantly flat but it never mandates that the entire design elements should be on the same plane. You can place some texts in such a way that they give the impression of being behind other text. Multiple planes are developed and this can be very innovative and unique.

Use text that invokes customer interest

You must wisely present some text that give hints about the inside stories of a magazine in an interesting and pioneering manner. You can try bold and italic font styles on colored backgrounds. Other fancy styles can also be tried for better results.

When drawings blend with snaps

To let your cover stand out, you can follow rules, break rules or create new ones. It would be an innovative approach to combine photographs with drawings. A lot of reputed magazines have tried illustrated magazine cover designs with drawings and photographs blended in optimal proportion to achieve success only.

Going with digital design and illustration

It is not that common but using typography and illustrations alone for designing covers is a good choice if the right mix of color, style and other creative elements are used. This is quite challenging and one of those practices that only the experts aware of all creative tips for professional magazine crafting can effectively implement.

Consistency is not always a stubborn rule to follow

Magazine layout designing is a creative task. And every service provider hates restrictions imposed on his creative thoughts. Though you may have heard that the design should always stay consistent, confidently disobey the rule if your creativity is getting hindered.

Reading our blog would surely inspire and educate you in the domain of magazine designing. Stay in touch and you will surely be investing time in the right cause.