Delivered apparel image editing services to a Swiss online store

The client

The client is one of the leading Swiss online stores providing a range of products covering daily needs. The client believes in offering the best shopping experience to customers with low product prices, faster delivery, and professional service. The broad range of products they offer includes household items, apparel, toys, pet supplies, gardening and sports equipment.

apparel image clipping

Requirements of the project

The client had raw apparel photographs and wanted us to enhance them so that they can be displayed on websites. However, basic apparel image editing wasn’t the only thing they expected from us.

The main idea behind the project was to attract potential customers and keep their focus on the product, i.e., apparel, without distracting them. So, any type of distractions in the apparel photos was needed to be removed or replaced with the appropriate use of clipping path technique.

Since the photographs were needed for the e-commerce site, the client wanted us to separate the objects from the current background and place them on a different one. For some images, the background was needed to be white while for some, it was needed to be of different color or type. For some cases, the client also requested the object to be placed on a transparent background.

Aside from that, we were asked to clip out any unwanted object that isn’t supposed to be in the photo background. The final task was to perform the required photo retouching or editing and produce crisp, clear, and attractive apparel photos.

Challenges we faced

While working on the client’s project, we faced a few challenges.

There were nearly thousands of images and we had to carry out clipping, editing and retouching. We also needed to crop out every image as per the given dimensions so that they could perfectly fit the website.

All of this was needed to be done within the deadline, which was a bit short.

Our solution to overcome challenges

To overcome the challenges, we came up with the following plan.

  • We assigned the task of overseeing the project to the Project Head.
  • Each edited image to go through a strict quality checking process, which will be approved by the QC team.
  • As there were various image editing tasks to be carried out apart from image clipping, we sub-divided the photo editing team into 4 teams, where each team containing members responsible to carry out a particular task.
  • We devised a workflow that can be followed by our photo editors to ensure the completion of the project within the given timeline.

Final results

The final results for the project were

  • Timely completion and delivery of edited images.
  • The apparel pictures looked professional and were of the best quality.
  • None of the images went through major revision, which was surely an achievement for us.
  • The visibility of the client’s website increased by 20%.
  • The custom retention rate also increased by 30%.
  • The client expressed their gratitude and assured to work again for their future projects.

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