Rendered exceptional HDR image blending service to a US-based firm


One of the leading companies in the US engaged in video production, 360 degree virtual touring, and photography services contacted us. The company had clients from various industries and catered to the needs of hotels, resorts, real estate businesses and builders etc. MAPSystems topped the list of their preferred vendors as we had worked on diversified photo editing requirements for many industries in the US and had a great reputation among the big names there.

HDR image blending


We were approached by the client to provide HDR photography editing services and flash removal was a part of the requirement. Nearly 15,000 images were in raw format that had to be worked upon. We had to work on snaps of hotels, resorts, and real estate. The client gave us just 30 days to complete the project. The client additionally needed us to remove flash from photos and to blend them with HDR techniques.

Firstly, we were asked to do some trail editing. Our team carried out swift editing operations and the outcomes impressed the client. After that, they finalized their decision of associating with us for the project.


The project had a lot of challenges with timeframe being the main constraint. About 15, 000 images in 172 folders needed to be processed within 30 days. Besides, the sizes of most of the files were large and even if we had most advanced equipment, downloading was still taking significant time. As the download process was slower, client feedback kept on delaying which in turn deferred the overall progression of HDR image editing services.


The first thing, we did was to sort out the most efficient people known for their pace and perfection in image manipulation and exposure blending techniques. As the time was less and project was huge, we created a team of experienced resources. A quick internal meeting and training session was conducted in which client requirement and specifications were detailed and new strategies were finalized. We shared our FTP details with the client and they sent some of the images to us in hard disk as well.

Our experts removed flash from the images using Photoshop and Lightroom. After the whole editing was completed, our QC team kept on evaluating the standard as well as the accuracy and flawlessness of the outcomes that were generated.


We excelled in the delivery of our HDR image blending services for real estate, hotels, and all other domains. Our experts completed the task well ahead of agreed deadline and that too with excellence. The client was so delighted that he promised to contact us for all his future requirements. Besides, he even referred us to many others in the US.

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