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MAPSystems is your best choice when it comes to newborn photo editing services. We have taken natural baby photo retouching to a whole new level that is based on a strong commitment to quality and customer-oriented work approaches. We focus on continuous improvement in multiple areas, such as processes, technology, and diverse approaches to handling projects and customers. From performing color correction to adding extraordinary effects through manipulation to eliminating unwanted marks and spots, our photo editors have the proficiency to handle projects of varied complexity levels and deliver outstanding kids photo editing outcomes.

Our newborn photo editing services include

Skin Color Alteration

Newborns often have a bluish-purple tint and reddish blotches on their skin. Our experienced photo editors can digitally alter the skin color to a natural level depending on client preferences. This includes:

  • Airbrushing
  • skin smoothening
  • Color correction
  • Adjusting color parameters
  • Brightness/contrast/sharpness adjustment
skin color editing in natural baby photo retouching
newborn color rectification retouch

Color Rectification

Our seasoned image editors can rectify the overall color tones of newborn photos while maintaining a natural look and feel. The following edits are done:

  • Color grading/correction
  • Exposure correction
  • Saturation/hue/tint adjustment
  • Brightness/contrast fixing
  • Sharpness fixing
  • Shadow removal

Basic Editing

Our team of professional newborn image editing specialists performs simple editing of facial features on infant photographs. Such as:

  • Cheek smoothening
  • White/black balance adjustment
  • Adjust eyes/nose/lip shapes
  • Exposure correction
  • Background removal/replace
  • Unwanted object removal
professional newborn retouching services
skin smoothening in newborn images

Skin Smoothening

Our team uses Photoshop tools and unique techniques to smoothen baby images. This adds a smooth appearance to a newborn’s skin, improving its overall look. The following edits are made:

  • Blemish removal
  • Airbrushing
  • Lip color enhancement
  • Birthmark/red patches/bumps fixing
  • Dry skin fixing
  • Rashes removal
  • Skin tone balancing

Apparel Smoothening

Infant photoshoots must turn out perfect, and the babies must look angelic. That's why we smooth baby clothing, blankets, and sheets to create an overall picture-perfect appearance. This includes:

  • Crease fixing
  • Clothes straightening
  • Apparel color changing
  • Improve outfit details
  • Hairband enhancement
  • Image masking
  • Clipping path
new born apparel retouching
new born photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation

To give a higher level of creativity to the baby images, our team also adds special effects, ensuring the images have an extraordinary appeal. Such as:

  • Background re-creation
  • Conceptual background addition
  • Cinematic effects addition
  • Double exposure
  • Shadow blending
  • Adding themed background
  • Textured backdrop extension

Image Masking

Baby photos must be flawless and devoid of any fuzzy background. Our professionally trained infant photo retouchers perform the following edits:

  • Separate background from irregular edges
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Multi-channel masking
  • CSS image masking
  • Creating vector masks
  • Creating layer masks
  • Remove stray hairs
  • Trim out hair zones
kids image masking
kids image cropping

Image Cropping

We perform advanced image cropping techniques to optimize infant photos for web and printing purposes. Our cropping techniques improve the photos' composition without hampering the quality. This includes:

  • Unnecessary details removal
  • Resizing and scaling
  • Applying the "rule of thirds"
  • Eye-level cropping
  • Adding "look space"
  • Keeping consistent flow
  • Cropping in circular, heart-shaped, or hexagonal shapes

Background Replacement

New-born photoshoots are all about the infant. Therefore, the photographs must solely focus on the baby. The background mustn't have any distractions. Our photo editors perform the following edits to keep the background free from clutter:

  • Background removal/replacement
  • Background re-creation
  • Background extension
  • Object removal from the background
  • Background styling
  • Adding white background effects
baby photo editing background
baby image editing unwanted object removal

Unwanted Objects Removal

Unwanted objects, visual elements, and persons often distract the viewers. They also take away the focus from the subject. Our team can fix this strategically by the following:

  • Background cropping
  • Objects removal
  • Shadow adjustment
  • Silhouette adjustment
  • Reflection adjustment
  • Use the clone stamp tool or content-aware fill

Red-eye Removal

It's natural for babies to have red eyes during the photo session. But fret not! Our seasoned image retouchers can remove red-eye effects, generating a clean, clear image version with a natural appeal. This includes:

  • Color blending as per the iris and pupil
  • Color blending with the sclera
  • Color tone adjustment
  • Sharpness fixing
  • Noise reduction
red eye removal in baby images
exposure rectification in newborn editing

Exposure Rectification

Images look unprofessional if they appear over or under-exposed. Our finest image retouchers for newborn photographs rectify faulty exposures to instill a sense of clarity in newborn images. The edits include:

  • Adjust brightness/contrast
  • Adjust sharpness
  • White/black balance fixing
  • Light source adjustment
  • Camera flash removal
  • Extra shine/glare removal
  • Color vibrancy/saturation fixing

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Why outsource new born photo retouching services?

MAPSystems employs the most experienced editors of newborn photos in the industry. Our services are priced at the best rates, which would help you get the most out of our professional photo editing services. With the best retouchers onboard and an infrastructure that promotes service delivery excellence, we are perfectly positioned to be your most trusted newborn photo editing service provider.

Competitive pricing

We offer the best rates in the industry, which allows people with budget constraints to make use of our services and derive high value from their investments.

Advanced data security

We, at MAPSystems, have deployed appropriate data security policies as well as data security infrastructure that allows us to keep our clients’ data protected at all costs.

Scalable team

The talented new-born photo editors at MAPSystems are highly scalable. I.e., they can upsize or downsize their team strength and resources based on the project scope.

Commitment to quality

Even at times when we need to address a strict deadline situation, we keep focusing on quality to ensure that we remain sincere about our quality commitment.

Fast TAT

We do our best to deliver outcomes within the mutually agreed-upon timelines that get decided during the project scoping stage. We will never miss deadlines.

Consistent brand image

The image editing and enhancement team at MAPSystems abides by the client's corporate identity and brand guidelines. Every edited photo will have the same branding ethos.

Our team of photo editors and newborn photo editors is always ready to do their best and will work closely with you to create awe-inspiring outcomes that can serve your project needs.

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What do our customers say

We hired MAPSystems for professional photo editing for our latest project on editing newborn photography. We must admit that we were amazed to see the outcomes. The team conducted creative photo manipulation to add a magical effect to every photo. The parents really liked the edited versions. Thank you, MAPSystems!

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California, United States

I contacted MAPSystems for newborn photo retouching support. First off, I was really surprised at the pricing offered to me. I feel that it’s one of the best in the industry. After a free trial, I decided to assign the complete set of tasks. What the team did was extraordinary. There was the perfect balance of brightness, contrast, and eexposure. will love to work with you again, team MAP.

Professional Photographer

London, UK