Top 3D Product Visualization Companies


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Leveraging the amazing potential of product 3D visualization, more eCommerce marketers are now standing out with their listings. They can explain their products in a much more accurate way, helping customers in their decision-making process.

However, the trick is to find the best 3D solution provider who can effortlessly deliver such high-end services. Without an expert’s knowledge, developing 3D visualization becomes a challenge. More so, without a reliable vendor, the desired impact fails to be created.

Best 3D Product Visualization Services Companies

Hence, to make it easy for the readers, we present a compilation of the best-performing product visualization agencies in 2024 that one may hire.

So, if you are an online product seller, e-tailer, or offer 3D services to your clients, read this blog till the end. This will give you an in-depth idea of the right companies to reach out to.

10 popular 3D product visualization companies

  1. MAPSystems


    Based in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, MAPSystems is an award-winning, ISO-certified creative and technology agency. Delivering its stellar services to a global clientele for over 30 years, the company has made a strong legacy in the IT/ITES domain.

    MAPSystems offers advanced 3D solutions and services, such as high-end 3D modeling, texturing, digital sculpting, photorealistic rendering, 3D product animation, etc.

    The skilled 3D professionals at MAPSystems can develop accurate high poly/low poly models from varied references, like drawings, sketches, blueprints, photos, etc. This much-lauded technology firm caters to a varied mix of sectors, like:

    • eCommerce
    • Real estate
    • Fashion
    • Furniture
    • Media & PR
    • Gaming
    • Manufacturing

    - and more.

    The best part is that the company is a one-stop shop for other requirements like high-end photo editing, video post-production, illustrations, VR and AR services, and more.

  2. Applet3D


    Started as a humble IT service-providing company in Philadelphia, USA, Applet3D is now one of the leading 3D product visualization service providers. Regardless of the complexity of the product, the agency can breathe life into it, making it ideal for online product listing.

    The company offers many services in the 3D domain, including:

    • Product modeling and rendering
    • Architectural rendering
    • 3D animation
    • Fly-throughs
    • Walkthroughs

    - and the like.

    Applet3D assures 100% quality in its services, an affordable cost, and a fast TAT. The agency is backed by a fleet of skilled 3D artists well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and the latest 3D software.

  3. Deep Sky

    Deep Sky

    For almost 20 years, this Oregon, USA-based technology company has been serving its global clients with excellent 3D services. Ranging from:

    • Product visualization
    • 3D character animations
    • Motion graphics
    • Live-action

    - and more, Deep Sky is an all-in-one agency.

    They possess a robust infrastructure, passionate 3D enthusiasts, and a zeal to explore newer possibilities. Deep Sky has an impressive portfolio open to all prospective customers that gives a better understanding of their expertise and skills.

  4. ThePro3DStudio


    One of the youngest entries in our list of the 3D product visualization companies is ThePro3DStudio, which has branches in India and the USA alike. Founded in 2017, this innovative agency has quickly solidified its name among some of the best 3D modeling and rendering service providers.

    Its primary areas of expertise are developing:

    • High-detail product models
    • Ultra-realistic renders
    • 3D floor plan design
    • Architectural rendering

    - and more.

    The tech-savvy company has also developed a string of indigenous 3D solutions. Such as:

    • A 360° product viewer
    • A 3D product configurator
    • 3D Web-AR viewing solutions, and
    • A 3D asset management and analytics platform
  5. Visao


    Visao is another leading 3D service provider situated in Quebec, Canada. Its strongest area of expertise is developing ultra-realistic 3D product designs from basic CAD models. These realistic CAD models can be used for various industries and purposes. Their area of expertise is:

    • Interactive 3D models
    • 3D models for websites
    • 3D prototypes from CAD models
    • CAD file optimization & conversion
    • Webpage integration
    • 3D viewer

    Trusted by numerous online brands and e-tailers, Visao has a large team of skilled specialists who can transform CAD drawings into interactive 3D product viewers. Using advanced software and technologies, the Visao team uses STEP files that are further transformed into interactive and animated 3D models.

    The company caters to a mix of sectors like machinery, transport equipment manufacturing, the medical industry, engineering and production, and so on.

  6. BuzzFLICK


    Primarily a video animation production studio founded in Texas, USA, in 2016, BuzzFLICK also excels in 3D modeling. The expert 3D team at BuzzFLICK offers stellar 3D modeling services for product demonstrations and sales campaigns.

    They can convert any design concept into a 3D pictorial representation. The team has some of the best animators and has an award-winning legacy in developing interactive product designs, displays, and other 3D content. BuzzFLICK’s expertise in 3D product design is ideal for sectors like construction, manufacturing, medical, academia, engineering, and the like. Their primary services include:

    • 3D video production
    • 3D product modeling
    • 3D assets/digital characters creation
    • 3D product animation
    • 3D illustrations
    • 3D motion graphics
    • 3D sculpting
  7. Danthree Studio

    Danthree Studio

    Danthree Studio was founded in 2021 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This makes Danthree the newest entry in our list of 3D visualization company names. Yet, this innovative tech agency has carved a niche in the 3D design and visualization landscape.

    The agency offers high-quality product visualization for visual marketing. It excels at developing high-end CGI assets and 3D content for print, TV, social media, and websites. Danthree Studio combines aesthetic and technical prowess and provides custom solutions like:

    • Digital twin
    • Packshots
    • Photorealistic AR 3D models
    • Product visualization and product videos
    • Furniture, home and living, indoor/outdoor product 3D models
  8. Go3DViz


    Go3DViz is a San Diego, California (USA)-based professional 3D visualization studio with more than 10 years of experience. The agency specializes in developing top-grade quality 3D products and architectural renderings and animations.

    The 3D assets developed by Go3DViz’s professional 3D experts are best suited for branding, marketing, promotional, as well as pre-visualization purposes. Its primary forte is:

    • 3D Product Rendering
    • 3D Package Rendering
    • 3D Product Animation

    Go3DViz leverages all the latest tools and software built on cutting-edge technology frameworks to create the highest quality CGI solutions.

  9. Render Vision

    Render Vision

    Render Vision is a professional 3D rendering and animation company situated in Hesse, Germany, founded in 2008. For 15+ years, Render Vision has been catering to a diverse range of industries and customers worldwide.

    They have a track record of 1000+ successful project completions and over 7000 digital graphics and 3D assets created. Render Vision possesses robust experience in high-end 3D visualization to improve the appearance of a product. Their entire suite of custom 3D visualization services includes:

    • 3D product modeling
    • 3D product rendering
    • 3D architectural visualization
    • 3D interior visualization
    • Virtual reality
    • 360° 3D Panorama
    • 3D Animation
    • Photoreal VR Tours
    • Architectural visualization
  10. Polymime Animation Company LTD

    Polymime Animation Company LTD

    Our final entry in the list of top product visualization companies in 2024 is Polymime Animation Company. This 3D animation and product modeling studio is located in Bishops Stortford, England, UK.

    The company was founded in 2007 by Olaf Louwinger, a prolific 3D professional with varied domain expertise. With in-depth knowledge and skill in 3D product designing, visualization, animation, and illustration, Olaf incepted Polymime to develop further innovative solutions to help brands.

    For 15+ years, the agency has been successfully developing high-definition and photorealistic 3D product replicas. These are ideal for sales, advertising, TVCs, marketing campaigns, eCommerce product listing platforms, print media, etc. Polymime’s range of specializations includes:

    • 3D product animation
    • Digital illustration
    • Visual effects and motion graphics
    • Medical animation
    • Interactive 3D apps
    • Virtual reality (VR)

How does product 3D visualization help in eCommerce?

In recent years, the online shopping trend has skyrocketed. Initially, it started as a concept limited to a few tech-savvy individuals who preferred a digital experience over an in-person one. Over the years, this phenomenon has become the norm across the globe. A certain demographic was spawned, regardless of age and gender, with a growing interest in buying things online.

Yet, even now, many consumers hesitate to purchase expensive products online. Probably the reason being the inability to perceive the product physically. This still remains a challenge for most eCommerce brands, especially beauty products, feminine care, apparel, jewelry, etc. Mainly, color, size, and variation mismatches are the major issues here.

Well, thanks to 3D technology, we now have the magic wand of 3D product visualization. This technology has practically closed the barrier between “physical” and “virtual” shopping. With the extensive advancements in the said domain, tailored in-store shopping experiences can now be offered to online consumers. Let’s quickly check out a few instances.

  • With 360° 3D product viewers, customers can check how a furniture item, apparel, or a pair of shoes looks from all angles. This removes all doubt and gives the buyer complete confidence.
  • With real-time product configurators, they can customize each and every product based on their tastes and preferences.
  • With AR technology now deployed, 3D visualizations have become stronger. Prospects can see how a furniture item fits into their lifestyle and surroundings. All these curtail bad investments, as well as post-shopping regret on the customer’s end.
  • 3D visualization of products lowers the rate of product returns. As buyers get a closer view and a clearer understanding of the products, they tend to return them less.
  • It also boosts conversions. With a better view of the product, along with real-time personalization and a seamless AR view, customers get more inspired to purchase without a second thought.
  • This technology is an effective sales and promotional tool for online marketers. They can promote their products on the market even before they are fully developed.
  • It is much more cost-effective than professional product photo shoots. These photo sessions are highly expensive and demand a lot of human resources. Additional expenses like logistics, props, lighting arrangements, etc., are also there. With 3D technology, the cost is reduced by half.

So you see, from eCommerce, architecture, and fashion, to real estate, interior planning, and manufacturing - 3D designs have a major impact on all these sectors. In short, digital 3D models or product replicas redefined in-store shopping within a fully immersive, interactive virtual environment.

We have listed quite a few professional companies that offer these advanced 3D design and visualization services. These companies offer the best-in-class 3D solutions at reasonable costs. This expert round-up will surely help readers collaborate with the right team and get outstanding service.


Hope this detailed compilation will give the readers enough research material to find the best product 3D visualization companies to outsource.

As you can see, several expert companies are there that offer exemplary eCommerce product 3D design services and solutions. These professionals are masters of their art, committed to their profession, and have years of experience across multiple domains. The trick is to find the right one for your business objectives. So, keep this article bookmarked and start your research today. Who knows, you can get the best outsourced partner for 3D product visualization nearby in no time.

Note: We haven’t listed the pricing of any agencies since the cost of 3D project development depends on several variables. Mostly on the project scope, complexity, quality of the model, resources and software involved, the rendering time, and so on. Interested prospects can place inquiries with the agencies mentioned above and share their exact requirements to get a custom quote.