11 Best Project Management Tools for Wedding Videographers

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For wedding videographers, time is money; because it is not just about delivering multiple projects within a fixed deadline, but also generating more sales and revenues. Therefore, striking a proper balance without burnout while simultaneously retaining high quality is the prime motto for all videographers and editors.

However, maintaining a fast turnaround time and guaranteeing project quality can only be possible when they get the right tools that enable them to make better-informed choices, stay organized, and maximize efficiency.

So, if you are curious enough to know more about these handy resources, stick with us until the end. We have compiled a list of 11 time-saving apps and tools that can not just help videography professionals streamline their workflow, but also make the most of their time by taking care of mundane tasks.

  • Trello


    With Trello, videographers can be on schedule from the beginning to the end by creating multiple task lists, milestones, project boards, to-do lists, and more. In addition, this tool comes with some of the best features, like time management, workflow tracking and analysis, customer payment tracking, instant access to project schedules, and many other custom features.

    The best part of Trello is its simple UI with a consolidated dashboard. This makes it the go-to choice for beginners. 

    Pricing plan:

    • Free trial
    • Trello gold - $5/month
    • Trello business class - $5/month

    System requirements: Web-based, iOS, Android

  • Buffer


    Buffer is the ideal tool for those who work under strict deadlines and are burdened with numerous projects at a time but also need to promote them. 

    Buffer has some amazing features, like integrating multiple social media accounts, task management, the bulk composer option to post regular updates across all the linked social media channels, a content scheduler, etc. Buffer also has a great image optimizer feature that optimizes images for respective social media platforms.

    With Buffer, individual videographers or wedding video editing service providers can track their social media performance through the analytics given by the tracker. All of these features make it a perfect tool for beginners and intermediates who want to make it big in the online video production industry. 

    Pricing plan:

    • $6.00/month

    System requirements: Android, iOS, Windows, mac

  • Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Think of Google Calendar as your personal diary, accessible from anywhere, anytime. As much as we are aware of the importance of Google, its time management and scheduling tool is often ignored. Thereby, not many professionals tend to utilize GC to its full potential. 

    In short, Google Calendar has got everything to simplify your workflow, such as keeping all your agendas in one place, delivery dates, payment or installment schedules, and everything, which can save up to additional 6-7 hours every week.

    Pricing plan:

    • Free

    System requirements: Android, iOS, Windows, mac

  • Asana


    An end-to-end, full-featured project management tool that not just IT professionals, but also video editing specialists can leverage and adapt within their workflow. Asana is an intuitive platform that has team collaboration as its primary UVP. True to that, Asana makes collaborating with multiple teams from multiple geographic locations super easy. 

    The tool comes with the project view feature that allows users to review project status and upcoming deliverables, all under one single dashboard. Asana also has a scheduler for users to schedule tasks, which can be operated and accessed by multiple collaborators or team members. 

    Whether you are an individual wedding videography expert with more than one person on your team or a larger video editing agency, Asana can be for both of you!

    Pricing plan:

    • Basic - $0
    • Premium - $10.99
    • Business - $24.99

    System requirements: Windows, mac, Android, iOS

  • Milebug


    Similar to Buffer, the Milebug app is also an immensely helpful tool for busy videographers and video editors. It is one of the must-have tools for wedding videographers and has an excellent time-tracking feature that eliminates the need for manual data entry of time. It also has an advanced payment and expense tracking feature that enables users to categorize each project based on payment status. 

    Furthermore, keeping track of your expenses can help you stay within budget and be organized, especially when traveling for video shoots. Expenses like toll taxes, gas charges, etc., can be streamlined perfectly. Milebug also gives the user the feature to generate receipts with just a few clicks, thus making the user more productive and agile.

    All these amazing features make Milebug the go-to choice for novices in the video editing service-providing industry.

    Pricing plan:

    • Free

    System requirements: iOS

  • Paymo


    A multi-purpose platform best suited for small and medium-sized businesses, individuals, and beginners. It is ideal for managing projects from the beginning until the end. As the name goes, this platform is great for anything payment-related. 

    Setting project schedules, tracking milestones, progress, and expense bills, generating invoices and estimates, and receiving online payments, project accounts, and the like are fairly easy with Paymo. 

    Apart from these features, Paymo enables shared space for team collaborators, time-sheet maintenance, tracking performance, saving projects as templates for future reference, and more.

    Pricing plan:

    • Free - $0
    • Starter - $4.95/user/month
    • Small Office - $9.95/user/month
    • Business - $20.79/user/month

    System requirements: Windows, macOS, and Linux

  • Pixieset


    According to popular opinions from successful wedding video experts, Pixieset is the best tool for accurate time management, thus augmenting the workflow and quickening the turnaround time.

    A relatively new tool, Pixieset has several impressive features, such as sharing and uploading images in secured cloud storage, faster accessibility to content, online booking, client onboarding, streamlining contacts, generating invoices, and more. In addition, users can also share private web links with their clients, thus enabling a convenient and secure file transfer. 

    The interface is quite user-friendly with easy navigation, which helps maintain an effortless videography workflow and thus saves much time that a videographer can utilize in other focus areas.

    Pricing plan:

    • Free - $0/mo
    • Basic - $8/mo
    • Plus - $16/mo
    • Pro - $24/mo
    • Ultimate - $40/mo

    System requirements: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Android, iOs

  • Yamdu


    Yamdu is an all-in-all tool specifically made, keeping the interests of video editors and videographers in mind. It is a project and time-management, as well as an organizer tool that comes with a vast array of amazing features. 

    Some features are planning out sessions, keeping notes of past, existing, and upcoming bookings, schedule planner, inventory report tracker, compiling useful information for printing as call sheets, and more. 

    Yamdu allows multiple collaborators to work together under one single centralized unit and keeps track of the milestones completed by each team member. This makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop. 

    Pricing plan:

    • Spark - $70.00  (1 project/month)
    • Rise - $120.00  (3 projects/month)
    • Star - $350.00  (6 projects/month)
    • Signature - Custom package (per year)

    System requirements: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

  • Sprout Studio

    Sprout Studio

    Sprout Studio is one of those creative workflow management tools that help wedding videographers make their videography workflow as easy as cake with a drastically improved TAT. The platform has a lot of time-saving options, full-proof project management features, and automated project organizing tools. 

    It has a centralized dashboard, automated invoice generation, calendar syncing, built-in email templates, a report manager, personalized galleries, questionnaires, and more. One can also invite other collaborators with Sprout Social’s invitation management feature. 

    All these fantastic features can save you countless hours otherwise spent on tedious manual paperwork.

    Pricing plan:

    • Lite - $17
    • Basic - $34
    • Pro - $49
    • Studio - $69

    System requirements: Cloud-based (Google Chrome: latest version, Mozilla Firefox: latest version, Apple Safari: 14+)

  • Calendly


    Calendly is more than perfect for scheduling meetings with clients and teammates. With Calendly, anyone, anytime, from anywhere, can simply create a Calendly link and forward it to the recipient, inviting them to an appointment. Using this tool for arranging requirement gathering sessions or review meetings is very simple. 

    Handling time zones is also super easy without any manual work, as the interface of Calendly figures out the differences in time zones and adjusts the same per the other person’s geographic location. 

    In a nutshell, Calendly eliminates the need for several email communications asking for the right time and assigning participants. 

    Pricing plan:

    • Essentials - $8.00 (1 seat/month)
    • Professional - $12.00 (1 seat/month)
    • Teams - $16.00 (1 seat/month)
    • Enterprise - Custom package (per year)

    System requirements: Web (mac and Windows) Android, iOS

  • TextExpander


    Often, wedding video post-processing professionals find it difficult to write marketing, promotional, or even normal communication emails since they get little time to develop accurate words and sentences. Thus, writing emails becomes an added task for them. 

    TextExpander is an amazing tool, particularly for these unforeseen scenarios. This breakthrough time-saving tool superbly helps the user write professional emails smartly and gracefully. 

    TextExpander saves frequently used phrases, names, dates, other contact details, and keywords and creates a usable directory. The tool later implements these words automatically while you sit down to write an email. You can store as many words in the database of TextExpander as you like. 

    Besides, users can also correct typos, create engaging snippets of projects, as well as keep all the team members on the same page. So, it is safe to say that it is one of the most efficient and useful tools for wedding videographers.

    Pricing plan:

    • Individual - $3.33
    • Business - $8.33

    System requirements: Windows 10 or later, macOS 11.0, 10.15, 10.14, 10.13 (Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra)

The importance of fast turnaround time for videographers

The world around us is fast moving; and if we don’t keep up the pace, we fall behind. 

That’s the simple equation every service provider and vendor abides by in order to appease customers. When it comes to weddings, which are considered to be one of the most special moments in someone’s life, everything related to them must be done in a timely manner. 

That said, wedding videos must document the entire ceremony from the beginning to the end, chronicle all the significant moments, and be delivered timely with proper editing. 

Check out some of the substantial benefits fast turnaround time has got.

  • Satisfied and happy clients

    The biggest advantage for a wedding videographer or photographer of having a quick turnaround time is that you make your customers happy before their initial excitement wears off. 

    Videographers who take months to edit and post-process tend to lose customers faster.

  • Amazing customer service

    Who doesn’t want fast customer service with on-time delivery? It is a known fact that this industry tends to move at a slow pace owing to several factors, primarily due to the videographers’ lack of the right tools at their disposal. 

    With proper tools and technology, one is geared up to offer great customer service facilitated by timely delivery.

  • Higher ROI

    The more time you spend on your post-processing work, the more money you lose. Every hour you lose doing mundane jobs for one single project, you could have worked on other projects. Moreover, the systems required for the job also run way longer than required, incurring losses. 

    A faster work process ensures a higher return on the overall investment, as you run the machinery for less time, saving a lot on power bills. Furthermore, the less time you spend on one project, the more time you have to work on another.

  • Repeat customers

    Once the word gets out about a vendor’s faster turnaround time, customers will automatically flock in because time is money for everyone. But most importantly, when it is about their wedding video, the urgency is greater. 

    So, if your TAT is fast, you can expect a great many numbers of existing customers coming back to you.

  • Positive branding

    With a steady clientele from all over, you gradually start building your own brand. The more customers you bring back to you, the more you can establish yourself as an industry expert whom prospects can trust and rely on for their wedding video requirements.

    Such positive brand awareness is a must for professional video editing agencies, as well as for individual video artists.


Videographers are under constant pressure to transform the footage from raw clippings to a well-edited digital presentation, which makes them often lose track of time, resulting in a stretched workflow. Hope the tools mentioned above will come in handy for all the beginners and novices striving to find a faster way of meeting their deadlines.

Well, it is always an option to hire a video editor to share some of the workloads. Or reach out to an experienced agency that can offer advanced video editing and enhancement services done with high-end wedding video editing tools at nominal rates.

Use the above tools and simplify your post-production workload, and share your valuable thoughts with us.