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3D walkthrough and visualization case study


The customer was a renowned brewery in Ireland. Requirement intimated was to generate a 3D walkthrough and visualization of their infrastructure and facility. We were approached by them mainly because of our experience in availing quality 3D services. Thanks to our previous customer who referred us to the new client.


The client had huge expectations in regard of output but the issue was lack of funds. They needed services at bottom-rock prices. This was a challenge as we had to do some internal planning to ensure that quality of services never get compromised because of client’s financial constraints.

Moreover, to create 3D visualization, in-depth knowledge regarding Irish landscape was mandatory. Besides, communicating over internet or phone in this regard was something least feasible as topographical details and photos etc. were needed. Our expertise came handy in this situation.

We have a huge pool of professional animators capable of providing great quality results for even the toughest of 3D visualization projects. However, here another challenge was to find people who had previous experience of working on Irish projects.

The Solution

Through a strategic process, we sorted out the right resources who could professionally deal with this unique task and get best results for the clients. Three 3D artists were dedicated for this project completely and a rapid initial training was provided in-house by industry experts having top-level acquaintance with Irish landscapes and all other vital factors.

After training, the project got started. The first step triggered was collection of all needed and maximum possible details of the area and property along with site plans, topographical details and elevations etc. to determine the approach to be taken for 3D walkthrough.

Post collection of all the said details, our people started working and they sent some samples which the client approved without even any propositions for betterment. This was quite motivating and without wasting another minute, we crafted a 3D grey model with top view visualization. For the creation of grey model for the property, our team made use of 3DS Max. Following our submission, the client reverted with some additional suggestions about rooftop landscaping. Our team then, worked on the changes demanded and finished the task.

As we normally do, the project was then handed over to the quality assurance people with us who verified accuracy, fineness and other parameters to make the quality of architectural 3d services offered superlative. The project was then sent to the client for final approval.


We were able to successfully complete the project well in advance that too at really competitive rates that fitted perfectly to the budget of client. The accuracy level met exceeded 90% and was even beyond their expectations.

Client was very satisfied with the results obtained and assured to be back in case if he encounter any sort of requirements in future for 3D architectural walkthrough or related services. It was a pleasure to work with him for us as well. He maintained communication and was always available whenever we needed rectifications and clarifications.

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