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Video Trimming Services

Videos are the latest language of brands, and there is nothing wrong with saying that a video has all the power to compel a prospect to buy a product. But for that, the video must be on point and hard-hitting for the audience. This is where you need professional video trimming services as in MAPSystems.

With an experience of more than a decade and a pool of talented and creative minds, we provide a service where we trim the videos, stitch the important parts and weave a story around your brand, product, or service.

Our video trimming services include

We have a huge portfolio of services that provide the uber class videos that are professional and on point to create a brand out of your business.

The Basic Yet Pivotal Video Trimming

The Basic Yet Pivotal Video Trimming

Being a leading video trimming company, we understand the importance of basic video trimming. It is pivotal for businesses as it includes the correction in the footage from scratch, sequencing frame by frame, color grading, use of apt filters to enhance the quality, and more.

Titling & Content Addition

Titling and Content Addition

We offer professional video editing services executed by highly trained experts, including content addition in the videos, like adding titles and subtitles, infographics, and information related to a product or service that help a video to be presented to a larger audience.

Sound & Visual Effects

Sound and Visual Effects

A video loses its essence and wow-factor if there is no supporting background or theme music, and lacks special visual effects. Our professionally trained video editors with vast experience can blend any video with an apt music and dramatic elements best-suited with its tone.

Frame by Frame Video Assembling

Frame by Frame Video Assembling

Video trimming is the whole process, and assembling trimmed clips frame by frame is an eminent part. Forming a lineage of frames to create a story is like a work of art, and we know this art.

Portion-wise Video Trimming

Portion-wise Video Trimming

In certain videos, there is no need to follow the whole process for trimming those; only the trimming of some portions can do wonders. We provide this service to our clients who want to get their videos sorted according to the portions or situations.

We have provided video trimming services for

Marketing & Branding

Every brand wants to outshine with its videos. We provide the best marketing and branding video trimming services to make your brand create a lasting impression in the audience's minds.

Real Estate

When a property comes on the market to be sold, the video says a lot about how the property looks. So, it is a wise decision to get your property videos trimmed by professional hands. We have catered to many real estate clients with our video trimming services for both the facade and drone captures of the property.

Corporate Videos

We apply a more professional approach while trimming the videos when it comes to corporate. We understand that these videos are the most professional and are created to meet many business necessities.


An advertisement is always crisp, short, and to the point. And our experts have delivered numerous ads with beautiful trimming keeping the essence of the video maintained.

Action Camera/GoPro

We have even provided video trimming services for action cameras to make the most refined videos for vloggers, travelers, sportsmen, and more.

Educational Sector

The educational sector is moving towards digitization, and for that, they create informative videos to get their learners onboard. We help this sector get the best out of their lectures, live classes, and more study material in video content by trimming the important section to make the material learning.

Wedding Footages

We make your special day even more special with our video trimming services by giving you the best shots of all and creating a video that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Social Media

This platform covers various videos related to brands or businesses, from video content creators to digital creators. We provide trimming services to all.

Why outsource video trimming services to us

  • Adherence to ISO Standard
  • We Provide uber class output, and we are known for our professional approach
  • We follow a customer-centric approach
  • Well-known for timely delivery of projects
  • Customized packages as per the projects or usiness requirements

MAPSystems is listed among top video editing companies, serving globally as we provide unmatched quality of work in the most professional way. We are a hub of video post-production services, including trimming videos, color grading, video editing services, etc.

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