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Tips to convert paper books into standard eBooks

In the previous section, we discussed about first few steps involved in eBook conversion process- indenting paragraphs, inserting page breaks and text justification. Now let us see what are the further steps involved.


Because of the innumerable benefits of digitization, electronic book conversion is too common these days. There are some tips that can really assist you in assuring great quality outputs when it comes to eBook formatting and conversion.

  • Don’t include page numbers, borders, headers and footers or any background colours or images
  • Putting any kind of ornamental drop-caps at each chapter’s start may look weird in eBook formatting
  • Text boxes are to be included with care as in case the text runs to the succeeding page, the box may break
  • Don’t refer any particular eBook retailers like Apple or Amazon; they don’t allow to promote competitors via products that their websites list
  • Size of the page is not important and you can simply use the normal standard settings for eBook formatting
  • You should separate the chapters using page breaks rather than using multiple paragraph returns
  • Paragraph should be separated with only single paragraph breaks
  • Sections or subsections should be separated using a centred break
  • Regarding the styling of fonts and texts, keeping things simple is advisable
  • Since some E-readers don’t support colour, make sure that the images you use will make sense even when they are displayed in greyscale
  • It’s better to insert images as separate files and don’t align them to any side of the text; make them stay in their own line
  • You can surely add links within the manuscript and for linking within the manuscript, bookmark and hyperlink tools of Word is used
  • For adding a table of content, you can use Word’s inbuilt Table of Content (ToC) generator

Before the conversion process, please do a careful check for spelling and grammar. For extended tips about ebook formatting also read this article.

Lot of free and easily accessible software that helps you for this conversion processes are there. Also, you can seek the professional companies help in turning manuscripts into eBook format.

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