3 Best Tips for Real Estate Image Editing Skills

There is no doubt that Photoshop is the most preferred and standard image editing software available in the market that everyone, including professionals and rookies, utilize picture editing tools when they need to edit an image. Despite being expensive, the popularity of the same has been on the rise over the years, and for good reason. None of the other popular photo editing software programs offers the standards that Photoshop does and that's saying something in a market that is extremely competitive like never before. No wonder why people who are experts at Photoshop design skills remain in high demand in the market.

Photoshop photo editing techniques

This has been particularly true in the real estate industry as photos play a crucial role in helping the businesses impress the potential clients and convert them to customers by retouching real estate photos. Of course, videos have become an integral part of the marketing in the industry, but that doesn't mean that images have gone out of fashion. As such, it is now the time to make images all the more relevant and these Photoshop photography editing tips will certainly help you improve your photo editing techniques.

One can definitely find thousands of real estate image editing tutorials on the internet, but what most of them overlook are the MLS regulations that forbid the digital modification of photos especially in this domain. That is a serious trouble and one needs to always be wary of the regulations and make sure that such mistakes do not crawl into their work as they can have serious repercussions.

Keeping that important element in mind, we bring to you three simple, yet important, real estate photography post processing tips that you can utilize to not just improve the quality of your work but also bolster your workflow considerably.

Tip #1: Image Processor

Image Processor

This can help you immensely if you have a numerous images that need resizing. It can effectively change the size of pictures in a folder as per the requirements of the editor. For people that deal with lots of images every day that require resizing, it can be a handy tool that will a save a lot of your time.

You can follow the given steps to effectively do it;

  • Take 'Image Processor' from the Photoshop menu through 'File' and 'Scripts'
  • Choose 'Select Folder' from the dialog window that pops up
  • Save it in the same location
  • Now choose the file type as 'JPEG'
  • In this step, you can enter the required dimension on the resize to fit from the menu
  • Here, select 'Include ICC Profile'
  • In this final step, click on 'Run'

Tip #2: Curves


'Curves' is an important and extensive tool for photo color correction in Photoshop and can elevate the quality of the work being done without any doubt. By the nature of the tool, as it is extensive and a little more intricate than you would expect, it will sure take some time to perfect for anyone. The below given is a trouble-free and effective way to improve the coloration of your images.

  • Open the desired photo in Photoshop.
  • Now select the 'photo', then 'Adjustments' and from it 'Curves'.
  • A dialog box will open and click 'Auto' from it.
  • There will be a diagonal line and drag the same as you require.
  • Dragging up the line will make the image brighten and dragging down will darken the image
  • Once you have reached the desired result, click 'OK' to apply

Tip #3: Hue and Saturation

 Hue and Saturation

When it comes to real estate photography post processing services, 'Hue and Saturation' plays an important role and hence it is one of the most utilized tools by most companies offering professional Photoshop services. Pretty much like 'Curves', this too has a wide range of options that can be effectively utilized for a diverse real estate photo editing requirements. Though it might take a little while to master, it can significantly help editors who deal with image editing projects as it can help correct the most common error in a real estate image grass and green colorations.

The following will help you in this regard;

  • Open the desired picture in Photoshop.
  • Now select the 'Image', then 'Adjustments' and from it 'Hue and Saturation'.
  • From the dialog box that is open, choose 'Yellow' that appears in the drop-down menu
  • Now, change the lightness to '-5', saturation to '-5', and finally the hue to '+15'
  • In this step, change 'Yellow' to 'Green' from the drop-down menu
  • Now, do the step 4 once again; change the lightness to '-5', saturation to '-5', and finally the hue to '+15'
  • At the final step, click 'OK' for the effect to take place

Whether you are a professional offering real estate photo editing services or a company that outsource their real estate photo enhancement requirements, there tips will always come handy.

If utilized carefully, these real estate photo editing tips can surely help you significantly improve your Photoshop skills and the quality and value of photography you enhance. You can get the support of our team, if you are unable to make use of these tips. Our team has the right experience to edit real estate photos, expertise and commitment to meet all your project specifications and deliverables.