Design an eBook: How to Create an eBook From the Scratch

Designing an eBook not only requires you to write the content for the book, but also monitor its design and layout to match that of the millions of readers who access the material through different electronic devices. There are a lot of things and tips for creating eBook that you must consider.

Quick Overview

How to design an ebook
Tips for creating an eBook
  • Contents are important

    What is the core of your eBook is something that the author has to decide. Neither a reader nor a designer has any role in it. If you can provide the right resources for your team then they will help you to bring your dream into a reality. Starting a digital book with a catchy description and an attractive and illustrative cover page is something that you can do to better the sales.

  • Choosing the font and type

    If there are few ornamental works or if your work is aimed at a younger population don’t mind if you add some illustrious fonts and/or decorative ones. Be careful because there can be slight variations in the digital format. Professional graphic designers offer their assistance in choosing various fonts and services for basic authors. Also they identify a good color scheme and use in your eBook template to match your brand.

  • Proper outlining

    Setting the state for contents and reader attraction is what introduction does. It is the mirror which reflects impressions into your work. While many agree that it should contain notes like a blog, and also be fluidic and meaningful. There has to be an outline which keeps all the posts under control.

  • The length factor

    When it comes to the flow of a creative mind, nothing can stop it from being excessive. Agreed, there may be lots to convey and write. But take care to see what is important to share or relevant to the topic. Even though you might have wide range of ideas to put across, you should not lose the thread of patience and interest of a reader. Give appropriate content that is clear and concise, without much beating around the bush. Some readers scan through the length (or contents’ size) of an eBook before proceeding to read. A long article might look boring or make the users to put it aside for later read. Use short paragraphs, appealing illustrations and/or statistical graphs to make it look interesting and impressive. It is fine if everything looks simple, it is more important to reflect a pleasing outlook.

  • Fine tune the final copy

    This goes without saying that eventually you have to refine your work towards the end, before making the eBook live. You have to put in the same amount of energy, time and dedication that you put while developing the content for eBook proofreading and editing as well. After giving your eBook a thorough read, ensure that it is error free, well-structured, connects all the contents seamlessly and serves the purpose as a whole.

  • An eye for design

    Too simple is not good and too much creativity won’t be appealing. The design of your eBook should be well-balanced with all the attractive features put together in effective manner. The layout should be catchy yet not confusing or difficult to read. The elements within the eBook – images/illustrations, colours or even, pull-quotes – everything should fall in place to consistently maintain the level of interest and charm of the readers. This is one of the most prominent among various ebook design ideas.

    You don’t have to use an over-the-top design to catch the reader’s attention to sell your eBook. The eBook should be crafted in such a way that it instigates the reader to give a good word of mouth for it.

  • Befitting landing page

    While you would have given ample space for building the content and layout, it is essential to give as much importance to the landing page as well. The purpose of a landing page is to lead a reader to a vital content that is part of the entire idea. If you want the readers to have an optimum utilization of your eBook then you have to effectively weave in the landing page. This is one of the most crucial ebook marketing strategies.

    A good landing page should have a clear-cut title that sums up the motive to download or read the eBook. Using pointers to guide the readers or share the positives of the eBook is advisable. In order to catch a viewer’s attention, one must blend in an image or relevant snapshot of the content to give an idea of what the eBook is all about. It is always good to include a lead capture form for the readers to fill in their name and contact details. Adding a question about the reader’s business objective is required in this.

  • Inflict content that impress readers

    Make the digital book incorporated with good visual outlook. Gathering visual elements like images, illustration, icons will enhance the reader’s understanding. Improvising content to suit the mind of readers or just what they expect from your title is yet another accomplishment that the author must gain. There is rarely anything that a designer can do to help him achieve this feat. Basic eBook templates are available in the internet if you need to process few of them.

  • EBook copies that stand

    While there are many good digital readers note those are excellent, the fact is that these books emphasize on special attributes like keywords. At certain points, these keywords can be really effective. Consistent formats also create a sense of trademarking among readers. Each and every element should render clearly while designing a digital books. Dgital ebook formatting tips have to be induced whenever applicable. You should do the design only after completing the outlining formalities for a better and clearer picture.

  • Ways to promote an e-book

    Many effective methods are available for eBook advertising and promotion. These are Facebook ads, Google Adwords, click popups, retargeting, guest writing and social media.

  • Facebook ads

    With the help of Google Adwords, a specific group of viewers can be targeted. The selection can be based on nation, city, gender, age, parental status etc. Language can be a criterion for targeting. For example, you can select only English speakers to view the post. This careful selection process will cut down costs drastically. If the e-book is in landing page optimization, keywords such as landing page best practices, landing pages, lead generation pages and landing page mistakes can be chosen.

  • Click popups

    Website popups are widely being used to promote different genres of content on websites, blogs etc. E-books also take advantage of popups in an extensive way. Exit popups to grab potential leads while they check out and entry popups to catch them on arrival are popular. In addition, timed popups or scrolls target audience while browsing or scrolling down a page. However, click popup is the most effective one for e-books.

    A banner can be placed at the upper or bottom part of blog posts. This can be done on the blog’s sidebar or homepage. Design the eBook banner in an attention grabbing manner. The content’s title should be clear and easy to decipher. A small blurb can put across those benefits your e-book carry along. A tiny image or graphics work can be used to grab user attention. Finally, you have to link the code of your click popup to the banner image. Only then, it will appear to visitors when they click on the image.

    Effectively incorporating various eBook marketing tips is imperative to achieve desired results. Now let us see why are popups effective?

    • Visitors who look for methods to initiate customer interest for their business ventures are more likely to convert as landing page optimization stands crucial
    • The e-book’s title on the popup draws attention. This shows leads that they have hit the popup that is related to the banner clicked
    • Advantages of getting the e-book downloaded are clearly displayed on the benefits list. The readers’ decision to covert will be dependent on the factor.
  • Guest writing

    Guest writing for other blogs is a great method for selling eBooks online faster. The advantages of this method are underestimated by many people. Guest contributions ensure that your e-book is seen by everyone. So, it is always a clever thing to get your name out there.

  • Retargeting

    Many people visit your website. But, not all of them would convert successfully. Through the process of retargeting, these people could be shown specific ads once again. It has many advantages. One advantage is that retargeting allows you to track people who are still curious and eager to try out your products.

  • Social media

    The power of social media is unimaginable when it comes to promoting an e-book. It is much more than pasting a link of your products or services on social media websites. Social Medias offer free services and connects with a larger population easily. You can try direct outreach or start posting links on your bios. Other proven methods of ebook promotion ideas are starting discussions on LinkedIn or Google plus pages or forums and using twitter accounts to post quotes from your e-book

This was just a beginner’s guide to publishing. More advanced topics will be covered during the next series. There are a number of slick tricks which make a digital work attractive among readers. Some companies offer online and offline eBook conversion services in case if you prefer them.