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best HTML editors online

Best Html5 Online Editors That Every Developer Must Know

Today, we have many editing platforms such as Grammarly and Hemingway to help us with editing texts.

uses of flash to HTML5 conversion

Flash to HTML5 Conversion (Importance)

Recently, there has been a lot of significant developments in the concept of digital content delivery.

ideas to improve creative magazine layout design

Tips Professional Magazine Layout Design Using InDesign

Designing the best magazine layout starts with the creation of a perfect balance between the images and the texts.

digital archiving for business

Importance of Digital Archiving Services for Business

The digital revolution in the 21st century has forced us to make extensive use of digital tools and resources.

tips to become typesetting expert

10 Professional Tips to Become an Expert in Typesetting

Typesetting is integral to improving the reading experience. Even when a book has really entertaining...

how magazine designs helps in sales

Tips for Creating Inspiring Magazine Cover Designs

For any designer, the greatest challenge is crafting a magazine cover that engages its reader while serving the purpose...

3d interior rendering for interior design industry

3D Interior Rendering - A Boon for Interior Designing Industry

When it comes to interior designing of a building be it home or hotel or office it is always a great to feel it in three dimension...

tips for clipping path editing

Tips to Make the Clipping Path Task Effortless and Top Notch

Any photo editing service provider would be well aware of the technique of clipping path image enhancement service.

Kindle eBooks

Kindle eBooks: How to Change Font Size on eReaders

With the arrival of digital versions of printed books, the reading experience of people improved significantly.

Searching Tips for Better Results With PubMed

Searching Tips for Better Results With PubMed

PubMed is a free resource and is maintained by NCBI. It nearly consists of 24 million literature citations...

manuscripts to ebook conversion

Steps to Convert Your Manuscripts to eBooks

With digital devices flooding the marketplace, there is a genuine demand for authors and publishers to convert their printed materials to eBooks.

tips for photoshop image retouching

10 Useful Retouching Tools in Photoshop Explained

Among many tools that are available for refining captured snaps, Photoshop Essentials has always been the most preferred option...

best ebook formats

Comparison of the Best eBook Formats

People were least concerned about eBook formats when the trend of digitization was at its infancy.

flash to html5 in elearning

Main Reasons for the Drift of eLearning From Flash to HTML5

As flash has almost waned away because of many pitfalls, HTML5 is speedily emerging as the best alternative.

best scrolling techniques for websites

Top Scrolling Techniques for Business Websites

Trends and techniques have always kept on evolving in the domain of website designs.

headshot photo editing using photoshop

8 Simple Ways to Retouch Headshot Photos Using Photoshop

With advancements in photo restoration and editing technologies, you are free to perform almost any type of editing...

digital typesetting history

History of Typesetting: The Journey of Till Date

As we continue to benefit from sophisticated word processing programs that facilitate fonts or line spacing and classier page layout applications...

photo clipping alternatives

Photo Clipping: Alternative Photoshop Techniques

When it comes to image enhancement, photo clipping is unavoidable in most of the cases.

Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

The Beginner’s Guide to Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

Even though a fixed layout cannot adjust itself on different devices, it is still used by many authors and publishers.

business brochure design

5 Tips for Business Brochure Design Creation

Business brochures are a fundamental part of the branding process in a company.

why document scanners for accountants

Reasons for the Inevitability of Document Scanners for Accountants

Scanning is crucial for smooth functioning of the accounts section of a business.

photoshop photo restoration tips

10 Steps to Restore Old Photos Using Adobe Photoshop

As photos get older, they may fade, crease, speckle or crack.

free ocr readers

9 Free OCR Readers That You Should Be Acquainted With

Optical Character Recognition is a creative technology which helps to convert the text in images into editable text.

3d modeling for entertainment industry

12 Best 3D Modeling Techniques Every 3D Designer Should Know

With the introduction of 3D modeling technology, the designs became more realistic and faster to produce than 2D.

uses of IXBRL for SEC filings

iXBRL for SEC filings - Key Information

In what could be a game changing development for financial reporting and filing procedure...

ebook template design

Essential Tips to Design Your Digital eBook Templates

Putting together your publication requires some amount of planning and construction.

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