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Image Formats

15 Commonly Used Image File Formats by Designers

Oftentimes, graphic designers and artists face the situation of choosing a particular image format for their works.

Food photography

How to Edit Food Photos in Photoshop (Step-by-step Guide)

All types of photography require practice and patience. The same is also true when it comes to food photography.

Panoramic Image Enhancement for Business

Benefits of 360-degree Panoramic Image Enhancement for Business

360-degree photography is one of the best examples of modern technological advancement.

layer mask

How to Use Layer Mask in Photoshop, a Beginner’s Guide

Using a layer mask in Photoshop may seem difficult or advanced for beginners. However, these are easy and simple to use.

Cartoon animation

Cartoon Animation Tips - How & Where to Begin

Every beginner trying to get into the animation industry must have come across the question, i.e., how and where to begin.

Floor Plan Creation

Beginner’s Guide to Floor Plan Creation (Free Software List Included)

Floor plans are essential while designing or building an architectural structure. One of the features that make a floor plan good...

Smooth Out Rough Edges in Photoshop

How to Perfectly Smooth Out Rough Edges in Photoshop?

Achieving smooth edges in Photoshop may be an easy task for professional photo editors.

Batch Editing

A Guide on Batch Editing in Adobe Photoshop

Photographing a large number of images may seem enjoyable, but you may not feel the same when it comes to post-processing.

XML data conversion

Why Is XML the Most Preferred Data Conversion Language?

Businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to store, organize, and manage crucial information.

Time Required to Render a 3D Image

Time Required to Render a 3D Image

Have you ever watched the 1995 movie Toy Story? It is a movie that was entirely represented with 3D rendering graphics.

Real Estate Photo Editing Software

14 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software

Presentations are important to facilitate successful transactions in the real estate industry.

3D Printing STL File Format

5 Impressive Facts of 3D Printing STL File Format

STL files, which are otherwise known as Sterolisthic files, have become synonymous with the 3D printing industry ages ago.

Wedding Photo Editing Trends

7 Best Wedding Photo Editing Trends

Staying updated with the top wedding photo editing trends is a common responsibility of wedding photographers or editors.

ePub Vs e-course

ePub Vs e-course- Which Is the Best eLearning Solution?

The word “e-Learning,” or more commonly “online learning,” was first introduced, seeing the rising popularity of the duo “computer and internet.”

Best eBook Reader

Top 10 Best eBook Reader List

Ever since the eBook market saw growth in the late 2000s, eBook readers have become a sought-after option for many people.

Outsource Photo Editing

Why should Businesses Outsource Photo Editing? - Top Reasons

No matter which business you are in, retail, eCommerce, real estate, or photography, you would know the vital importance of high-quality photos.

Free 3D Character Models<

Sites to Download Free 3D Character Models

We all love things that come for free. However, you should also know that good thing come with a price.

Interactive eBook Creation Software

The Complete Guide to Interactive eBook Creation Software

Digital publishing continues to be in trend for quite a long time now. Authors and publishers are always searching for new ways to win the heart...

Self Publishing on Amazon

A Complete Guide on Self Publishing on Amazon

Self-publishing has now become a great method for modern authors to gain full control over their books.

3D Furniture Rendering Process

The 3D Furniture Rendering Process

3D furniture rendering is an excellent option for those who are engaged in the design and manufacturing of furniture.

Book Cover Dimensions

A Complete Guide to Understanding Book Cover Dimensions

Understanding book cover dimensions are crucial to illustrating or designing a book to decide what works best for you.

Cost of Video Editing

Factors Determining the Cost of Video Editing

There a lot of things that will determine the cost of your video editing project. A few of the major ones are discussed below.

Ghost Mannequin Service

How Ghost Mannequin Service Boosts the Growth of Online Fashion Stores?

There’s a cut-throat competition in the online fashion industry to win more customers and one of the best ways to assure...

Role of AR and VR in Ecommerce

Role of AR and VR in Ecommerce

Every now and then, new technologies are making steady advancements in the eCommerce space.

Photo Culling

Photo Culling: What it Means and Why is it Important?

Every photographer, amateur or professional, wishes to produce the best quality images for their client.

Pros and cons of DRM

What is DRM: Definition, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Digital book readers may have probably heard of the term DRM. However, only a few are aware of what it exactly is and what role it plays in eBooks publishing.

Pros and cons of DRM

Cost of Hiring a YouTube Video Editor: Factors to consider

Today, YouTube is among the top-notch platforms for watching videos, and more than 1 billion hours of content are watched across the world each hour.

Cost of Hiring a YouTube Video Editor

8 Great Wedding Photo Editing Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Wedding photographers are artists, but not all of them can edit their pictures perfectly.

Cost of 3D Product Rendering Projects

Reasons Why You Need Color Matching Services

If you are running an eCommerce business and selling products online, then you should keep a budget aside for professional color matching services...

3D Product Rendering Projects

8 Ways to Reduce the Cost of 3D Product Rendering Projects

Whether you're an artist, a business owner, or in another field requiring an attractive visual of your product,...

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